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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics 2021 Annual # 1
Detective Comics # 1039
Excalibur # 22
The Flash 2021 Annual # 1
HAHA # 6
Iron Man # 10
The Silver Coin # 4
Sinister War # 1
Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton # 2
Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow # 5
Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters # 2
Thor # 15

Action Comics 2021 Annual # 1– The House of El takes center stage in this annual which features a villain within their midst and an unforgettable rogue who first appeared from the “Reign Of The Supermen” storyline (**NO SPOILERS**) causing trouble for them in The Phantom Zone. I strongly feel like this annual is where Phillip Kennedy Johnson truly shine as he takes a simple Silver Age-Esque concept like the House of El and makes it very entertaining but laying a solid foundation to the mythos of Superman, thereby bringing in fans both old and new.

The Flash 2021 Annual # 1– Wally West getting ready to reclaim the mantle of The Flash has been a long time coming, and the story in this annual delivers on that as Wally puts the past, as well as the tragic events from “Heroes In Crisis” behind him (Nice touch on Jeremy Adams’ part to add in a callback for H.I.C.) so that he can look forward to the present; What was also great about this annual was how the friendship between Wally and Roy Harper is still intact but also showed us the bind between these two characters will never get broken so I enjoyed how something so special like that can bring such an emotional impact to this annual, And seeing Wally return as The Fastest Man Alive is gonna be a spectacular thing to witness, making this annual a must-read for all Wally West fans.

The Silver Coin # 4– For this issue’s installment, we head to the year 2467 where civilization is buried underneath the junk of a new world and how scavengers have to survive in a world that’s cold and distant. It isn’t long before one of the scavengers finds the coin and as always, things take a very dark turn. Jeff Lemire and Michael Walsh carry out a story that not only will terrify the readers but shows us how the distant future will turn out, and this issue is another good reason why The Silver Coin should be on your pull-list.

Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton # 2– Trigger Keaton may not have been the most likable actor in Hollywood, but that’s not gonna stop the actors who played his past sidekicks by solving his murder. I really like seeing the chemistry between the actors which really helps to make the story more enjoyable and almost everything about this series shows the inner workings of Hollywood and the craziness that accompanies it, and it would be a cool thing if this series was indeed optioned for a movie.

Sinister War # 1– Nick Spencer is leaving “Amazing Spider-Man” but it looks like he’s about to go all out with a tremendous bang and it’s safe to say that this series looks to do just that as The Sinister Six (Along with Doctor Octopus) return with a vengeance and soon are at odds with The Vulture’s new team – The Savage Six! and with Spidey in the middle, this series really brought a huge impact, it’s also loud and unapologetic in its storytelling which only adds to the intensity of the story and I have to say, you’ll like it once you get past the first page; Mark Bagley, as usual, brings his artist onslaught to this series, displaying the brilliance and grace of his art while reminding us what a phenomenon he is like the comic book legend that he is. Sinister War is setting out to be one of the biggest Spider-Man stories to date ( I know, that tagline has been said a lot!) but with every Spider-Man villain coming out of the woodwork, this series looks to get even more unhinged as time goes on, and may shock you any chance it gets.

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