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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Fantastic Four # 33
The Flash # 771
Heroes Reborn # 6
The Mighty Valkyries # 3
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 27
Radiant Black # 5
The Silver Coin # 3
Static Season One # 1
Ultramega # 4
Venom # 200

Fantastic Four # 33– Part 2 of “The Bride of Doom” really breaks down the doors when it comes to wedding issues and this one I just wild, as Dr. Doom gets prepared to marry Victorious (Lateria’s number one hero), she drops a HUGE bombshell as she admits to having a one-night stand with Johnny, and I like how this issue felt like a cross between “Bridemaids” meets “Wedding Crashers” but with superheroes. It seems that weddings (Especially in the Marvel Universe) always end up in disaster, so I have to thank Dan Slott for giving us a solid issue of the FF that shows how even the world’s most recognizable family can find themselves in hot water.

Radiant Black # 5– The first arc of “Radiant Black” comes to an end as Marshall has no choice but to take on the mantle of Radiant Black after Nathan’s accident. I really love the whole concept of this series that focuses on Nathan’s best friend in the hero role and the appearance of Radiant Red only makes this story more appealing (Can’t wait for the origin story); Radiant Black is the definite superhero comic that everyone should check out.

The Silver Coin # 3– A home invasion involving three criminals ransacking a firefighter’s apartment in 1986 goes horribly wrong thanks to ….(What else)…The Silver Coin!; The fact that everything in this story goes haywire makes this story so much intriguing and it wouldn’t be a horror story without some savage killings (Which occurs towards the end); Anthology series everywhere can take a great lesson from the Silver Coin in how to put out an interesting story that will send chills up your spine.

Static Season One # 1– I’m totally excited about the return of Milestone Comics and I will absolutely give huge props to DC Comics for making this happen, but after reading Static Season One, I felt like there should have been a huge impact seeing as how one of Milestone’s most famous character is kicking off the imprint’s return with his title (His cartoon from the 2000s on the WB is awesome…..Had to say it); But the one thing I should say about this title is not to mess with perfection, but give Static Shock fans the title they deserve.

Venom # 200– Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman (Along with Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Mark Bagley, Ron Lim, Geraldo Sandoval, and a host of other artistic talents) end their Venom run with a bang, focusing on an older Eddie Brock and his time with the symbiote. Cates does a wonderful job of showcasing the bond between Eddie and the symbiote as well as his relationship with his son Dylan (Who’s now a teenager in the far future); This series finale serves as both a loving tribute to Venom as well as recognizing the great work that Cates and Stegman provided the readers these past three years, once again showing us that Venom has come a long way from Spider-Man villain to anti-hero to a full-fledged hero.

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