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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 67
Batman # 109
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two # 1
Batman/Catwoman # 5
Fire Power # 12
Heroes Reborn # 5
Heroes Reborn: Marvel Double Action # 1
Immortal Hulk # 47
Iron Man Annual # 1
Justice League # 62
Marvel Action Classics: Spider-Man Two-In-One # 1
Nocterra # 4
Non-Stop Spider-Man # 3
Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters # 1

Batman # 109– The Dark Knight’s new status-quo is continuing to be a huge hit and doing good on opening doors to new and potential storylines that will impact the title; The introduction of The Peacekeeper-01, Who’s part of the soon-to-be law enforcement from The Magistrate, brings with it a RoboCop vibe that can’t be missed so I definitely enjoy seeing that as well as the chemistry that Harley Quinn and Ghost-Maker display because there’s so much potential there and even though Gardener may be somewhat of a poor substitute for Poison Ivy, I still feel like she could be a valuable character since Tynion does a fantastic job of fleshing out characters while making them feel real; The Ghost-Maker back up feature continues to be entertaining and building up to something big seeing as how this is his first solo adventure. Batman once again is a bonafide hit and looking forward to this title every month is a living testament to how great it is.

Batman: The Adventures Continues Season Two # 1 – I was just blown away by the fact that the Court of Owls made their animated debut in this title and everything about this issue is very dynamic; From The Owls to the appearance of Deadman, this is a series that will definitely bring a smile to any Batman fan and I highly recommend this series.

Fire Power # 12– Can’t believe it’s been a year since this title launched and this particular issue celebrated the end of this title’s first year; It’s been quite the journey seeing Owen Johnson and his family get put in the middle of the battle between The Scorched Earth Clan and The Order of The Flaming Fist and Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee pull out all the stops so every page brings out the intensity and this story, that’s been fleshed out throughout the entire series, is by far a better story than those “Mortal Kombat” movies and I feel like this series takes its inspiration from those old-school Kung-Fu movies so I feel like that alone is why this series is so amazing and with that, I’m absolutely looking forward to the next exciting arc.

Heroes Reborn: Marvel Double Action # 1 – This Heroes Reborn one-shot is an absolute gem, and I say that because of the fact that this issue is a homage to Amazing Spider-Man # 122 wherein the reality, Nighthawk’s sidekick The Falcon is killed by The Green Goblin (Known as “The Goblin” in this timeline); I truly got a kick out of Tim Seeley’s script where he paid complete homage to Gerry Conway but added his own spin to this classic story, and Dan Jurgens and Scott Hanna’s art brings a vintage feel to this issue where it does look like Gil Kane & John Romita Sr.’s art, plus the fact that Nighthawk is like a cross between Spider-Man and Batman is extremely awesome so if you want to read a comic that brings the vibe of the Bronze Age back to life, then Heroes Reborn: Marvel Double Action is the book for you.

Iron Man Annual # 1– Spinning some of the events from “Miles Morales” Spider-Man”, Iron Man looks into the people that kidnapped and tortured Miles, which happens to be The Assessor & Quantum, and what’s so cool about this annual is Tony’s confidence in taking down these villains as well as seeing the technological side of him that makes Tony Stark who he is and I do feel like this wouldn’t be an Iron Man story without that coming into play. This annual is chock full of action and making sure the sci-fi factors are on display, this is an annual that I can totally see myself reading over and over again.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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