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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*
Amazing Spider-Man # 61
Commanders In Crisis # 6
Conan The Barbarian # 19
Daredevil # 28
Deadpool Nerdy 30 # 1
Immortal Hulk # 44
Karmen # 1
The Joker # 1
Non-Stop Spider-Man # 1
Rorschach # 6
Sea Of Stars # 9
Superman # 29
Wonder Woman # 770
Amazing Spider-Man # 61– While it’s always been a staple of Spider-Man that he gets a new costume every now and then, this time around it seems very fresh and exciting, taking the readers back to the days of ASM # 252. But with this current issue, there’s a good reason for the web-slinger to don a new costume
(**NO SPOILERS**), let’s just say that social media plays a huge part in that factor and the fact that Patrick Gleason brought the new costume to life via his art is a glorious thing, so I’m hoping that words of positivity get around, making the costume stick around for future stories.
The Joker # 1– It was only a matter of time before DC thought to give The Clown Prince of Crime his own series since 1975 but this one seems to have tons of promise. Things kick off with James Gordon, still standing by his decision to not return as Gotham’s police commissioner and seemingly finding himself at a crossroads. What’s really great about this opening issue is seeing Gordon’s past dealings with The Joker and the eternal struggle that he’s facing because of it, it plays really well here instead of Joker being on every page (Even though it’s his series); The back up featuring Punchline, co-written by Tynion and Samm Johns with Mirka Andolfo follows her from her trial to her time in prison and is a great character piece all while setting the stage for her own series. With James Tynion at the helm, Joker is off to a good start but hopefully, we’ll get some new and innovative things with the character instead of the usual one-dimensional routine that we’ve all come to know about Batman’s number one enemy.
Karmen # 1– Guillem March (Of Batman fame) takes center stage as both artist AND writer for this very clever and shape series about a woman named Catalina who meets her guardian angel named Karmen after attempting to commit suicide and together, the two of them face off against grief and life after death in the most creative and eccentric way possible. March’s writing has a very unique tone for this series that works on so many levels and his artwork is always stunning but brings a European style to it. Karmen may not be to everyone’s liking but if you enjoy reading a comic that will have you question everything you know about life and death, then this is a series that you should definitely check out.
Non-Stop Spider-Man # 1– This series definitely lives up to its namesake and it’s Non-Stop on almost every page as Marvel gives us its second Spider-Man series (Well, it’s second featuring Peter Parker in the lead); The story kicks off with Spidey investigating the appearance of a drug called “A-Plus” that’s causing harm to some of the students of Empire State University so I’m going to say after reading a few pages, the adrenaline factor really kicks into high gear which is so amazing and it’s very safe to say that Joe Kelly can write an awesome superhero story that keeps your attention until the end and Chris Bachalo’s art is extremely cool when he’s got one inker to collaborate with (Thanks, Tim Townsend); The backup feature written by Kelly with art by Dale Eaglesham shows us the main villain of this arc, not going to give it away but many MCU fans will enjoy this immensely. Non-Stop Spider-Man is a great series that makes any action movie look tame in comparison but at the same time, shows even more range for everybody’s friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.
Superman # 29– Phillip Kennedy Johnson comes aboard the Superman titles to deliver a story that may or may not shock The Man of Steel’s fans to their core but at the same time, examine the dynamics between father and son (Clark and Jonathan Kent);
When a mysterious alien enemy almost comes close to killing Clark, it forces Jonathan to ponder his father’s immortality and how he can try to maintain his own life while trying to step out of his father’s shadow. Right out the gate, Johnson did what Brian Michael Bendis failed to do- Present a Superman story that will capture the readers’ attention. Very solid story and the rare father/son aspect with Clark and Jon really keeps this arc grounded yet never beats us over the head with it. And I can proudly say that now that Johnson is now in charge of writing both Superman and Action Comics, the excitement and vivid storytelling is back in full force and that’s a glorious thing to behold.
Well, that’s it for me. I’ll be back next week with another batch of reviews. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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