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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 59
Commanders In Crisis # 5
Daredevil # 27
Excalibur # 18
Fantastic Four # 29
Future State: Dark Detective # 3
Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman # 2
Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl # 4
Radiant Black # 1
Star Wars: Darth Vader # 10
Undiscovered Country # 12

Daredevil # 27 -Seeing Elektra as Daredevil is once again a compelling story, even though it’s keeping up with the King In Black storyline it truly was cool seeing Eletrka come into her own as Daredevil, not to mention she has to defend Hell’s Kitchen against an army of symbiote-infected people was simply incredible. Plus, the subplot of Matt Murdock fighting off Knull’s influence in prison showed us that no matter what bad elements get thrown his way, Matt will always find a way to prevail and stand tall. This issue of DD is truly excellent storytelling at its finest.

Fantastic Four # 29– This issue perfectly captures the whole “Calm before the Storm” component with perfection as The FF gets thrown right into The King In Black event; The subtle plot points of this issue are neatly balanced due to the appearance of a horde of Symbiote-possessed Dragons (Yeah, you heard right!) that invaded the neighborhood that the FF occupy; The subplot of Sue being weary of Johnny and Sky’s relationship is a nice wrinkle that definitely will be fleshed out but it never overtakes the story, which is good and let’s just say that things for Marvel’s First Family are going to be more hectic due to the numerous symbiotes, but I have faith that this arc is going to absolutely fantastic (Pardon the Pun).

Future State: Dark Detective # 3– This series, which focuses on Bruce Wayne in the distant future, is another great read that will captivate you, especially since this issue Bruce gets to meet The New Batman of that futuristic era and WOW!! This was a sight to see and I’m hoping that Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora expand on this meeting in the next issue because if they do, then Dark Detective could go down as the best series in the Future State line.

Radiant Black # 1– While it’s been a while since Invincible ended, it seems like Image was lacking a true Superhero comic (Stealth comes close), I believe it’s safe to say that Kyle Higgins (Who’s writing captivates any comic book fan) and Marcelo Costa have truly delivered something special here. The series stars Nathan Burnett, an aspiring writer who moved out to Los Angeles to write the best-selling novel, but due to crippling debts and a jog as an Uber driver isn’t helping him out, he’s forced him to move back home to his parents’ house, but Nathan’s luck changes when he’s face-to-face with power that may or may not change his current situation; His longtime best friend Marshall by his side (And knowing his secret) Nathan may have better luck when it comes to being a hero. I enjoyed reading this as it has shades of Spider-Man mixed in with Invincible along with Nathan and Marshall being a modern-day version of Superman and Jimmy Olsen, throw in the Sci-Fi factor and this is a series that anyone who may have given up on Superheroes will find that this is something that they will enjoy.

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