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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Avengers # 42
Firepower # 8
Future State: Harley Quinn # 2
Future State: The Next Batman # 2
Future State: Superman Of Metropolis # 2
Future State: Woman Woman # 2
Immortal Hulk # 43
King In Black: Black Knight # 1
The Legend Of Shang-Chi # 1

Avengers # 42– The tournament to decide the new Phoenix continues to heat up, and the various battles are still the anchor to this issue as well as this arc because of the new way The Phoenix Force is being used, and I do love the fact that the force is being utilized within the Marvel Universe which makes this arc an enjoyable read all while giving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes an adventure that will be remembered long after this arc ends.

Future State: Superman Of Metropolis # 2– While this is the last issue of Jon Kent’s future adventures as Superman, I did enjoy the concept of Jon doing his best when it comes to living up to his father’s mantle not to mention seeing Braincells (An offspring of Brainiac) in battle with Jon really made me feel like this was a perfect Superman story and words cannot express how I feel about John Timms’ artwork because I strongly feel like he should be an artist for either Superman or Action Comics but I’m hoping that DC will revisit Jon’s tenure as The Man of Steel because the potential to tell future stories is still there but only if it’s executed the right way.

Future State: Wonder Woman # 2– This is another Future State series I wish wouldn’t end after its second issue. Seeing Yara Flor grow into her role as Wonder Woman was a journey worth reading and her battle with Hades is just amazing, showing how talented Joelle Jones is when it comes to her writing and artwork. Jones really gets how WW operates and the readers really benefit from that because we know we’re going to get a wonderful story. I’m definitely waiting for more Yara Flor stories.

King In Black: Black Knight # 1– I know that most of the King In Black tie-ins are hit or miss but this one’s really entertaining. The plot thread of Dane Whitman trying his best to control The Ebony Blade and not succumb to its desire to turn him into a murderer nor having his descent into madness is a great insight into his character all while showing how unique he is. The appearance of both Aero and Sword Master is a really cool touch, mainly because of the interactions between these three characters (It’s too funny that Aero and Sword Master looks at Dane like he’s a modern-day Peter B. Parker); This special really did its job when it comes to bringing The Black Knight back in the limelight, not let’s hope that Marvel will continue to give him the shine that he deserves.

The Legend Of Shang-Chi # 1– This is an action-packed story that just sucks you right in. The story kicks off with MI-6 enlisting Shang-Chi to recover a sword that steals the souls of anyone that comes in contact with it. The use of Lady Deathstrike is a great touch and the action sequences really help elevate the story so this is worth your time because this story does not disappoint and the creative team of Alyssa Wong and Andie Tong really outdid themselves here and with that, I would love to see a Shang-Chi ongoing by this team.

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