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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 58
Batman: The Adventures Continues # 8
Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn # 4
Conan The Barbarian # 18
Excalibur # 17
Daredevil # 26
Deadpool # 10
Fantastic Four # 28
Future State: Aquaman # 1
Future State: Dark Detective # 2
Future State: Suicide Squad # 1
Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Lex # 1
Strange Adventures # 8
X-O Manowar # 4

Daredevil # 26– The “King In Black” tie-in really amps up the action and intensity as the two main plots have both Matt Murdock (Doing time in prison) and Elektra (Doing her best to live up to the mantle of DD) take on numerous people infected with symbiotes, but what is so great about this issue of DD is the fact that the action never stops and quite frankly, Daredevil is still a hot title despite the King In Black event making its way into it, but the way it’s been worked in is just amazing, not to mention that you’ll be shocked by the last page (**NO SPOILERS**); Even with another event still on the horizon, Daredevil continues to be an absolute hit.

Deadpool # 10– Yes, this is another “King In Black” tie-in but sadly, this is the final issue of Deadpool for the time being, and it looks like Kelly Thompson is throwing EVERYTHING out there (Even the kitchen sink) in terms of the comedy aspects and the forth-wall breaking elements; Yes, it looks like Wade Wilson’s time as the King of Monsters has come to an end and it’s cool to see a group of symbiote-infected monsters with the visuals being provided by Gerardo Sandoval (Way Cool, mind you!); So after ten issues of Deadpool hanging around with monsters I feel like the next volume of this title and its new creative team can bring back some familiar elements to Deadpool, especially since this year his 30th anniversary on coming up and let’s hope Marvel can come up with something cool……and find a way to bring back some hardcore Deadpool fans.

Future State: Aquaman # 1– Jackson Hyde taking up the mantle of Aquaman and Andy Curry (Arthur and Mera’s daughter) being mentored by the latter is a story that really captured my interest; And I really loved how the Sci-Fi aspects (In the form of The Confluence, which is an interdimensional nexus that connects distant planets through the One Great Ocean) blends in with everything you would expect from an Aquaman story, and with that, I totally can say with confidence that this is ten times better than ANYTHING that came out of the current run of Aquaman, and it wouldn’t be a waste of DC’s resources to give us more Aquaman stories with Jackson Hyde in the lead role, because we could definitely need something fresh and innovative and Future State: Aquaman fits the bill.

Future State: Suicide Squad # 1– While most of the Future State titles come across as entertaining or filler until the main title come back in March, I really enjoyed this version of The Suicide Squad as they’ve been repacked as an evil Justice League under the leadership of a grown-up Conner Kent (Superboy), but to honest, it really does feel like you’re reading a lost story of “Dark Avengers” and that’s the vibe that Robbie Thompson and Javier Fernandez went for, to say that’s a bad thing but it could have had more exiting elements to help draw in the readers, but let’s just say that for anyone who’s looking forward the James Gunn’s take on the group will enjoy what they see on the last page of this story. The Black Adam backup story went sort of rushed and had the Justice League from DC’s “One Million” arc take center stage, but let’s hope the next chapter will be good.

Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Lex # 1– Lex Luthor is (And always will be) One of Superman’s deadliest most intelligent villains he’s ever faced so seeing how this Future State series put the focus on Lex and his planet, Lexor! (Playing on a familiar element from the Pre-Crisis days of the DC Universe), Plus the whole classic bit of Lex stealing pies being added in the story was too funny; Seeing how both Mark Russell and Steve Pugh have taken The United Planets element from Brian Michael Bendis’ run on “Superman” and expanding it to where its story that all Superman fans can enjoy is a good sign that this will be another Future State story that will be remembered.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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