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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*
Amazing Spider-Man # 55
Avengers # 40
Batman Annual # 5
Ghost Rider: Return Of Vengeance # 1
Jinny Hex Special # 1
Justice League: Endless Winter # 2
Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Dark Nights Metal # 1
Amazing Spider-Man # 55– With “Last Remains” reaching its conclusion, the moody and twisted vibe surrounding Peter’s battle with a longtime friend once again turned enemy Harry Osborn (Kindred) really makes this an entertaining issue but leaves the reader wanting more; I like how the drama between Spidey and Kindred built up so the action sequences can make a huge impact in the issue and get ready for a blockbuster ending that will make your heart stop in its tracks (**NO SPOILERS**); Patrick Gleason’s art continues to shine as he really is a master of producing a dark and vibrant tone for this issue and Nick Spencer is really showing us what a talented storyteller he is, with the numerous twist and turns, “Last Remains” has now cemented its place in being an arc that completely turns Spider-Man’s world upside down…and the fans are the ones benefiting from it due to the outstanding work of the creative team.
Avengers # 40– While The Phoenix Force has always been a staple of the X-Men universe (Even being used as a template for 2012’s “Avengers Vs X-Men”) I thought it’s great that Jason Aaron is now taking it to greater heights with the start of the “Enter The Phoenix” arc. The opening arc with Captain America duking it out with Doctor Doom with both of them having a taste of the Phoenix force within them (You’ll geek out at the sight of a Phoenix-infused Cap); I also enjoyed the additions of both Namor and Wolverine as well as that really cool Cap homage from The MCU; Another great issue of Avengers and again, The Phoenix Force being presented in a new way gives for a great storyline all while making it fun for the fans.
Batman Annual # 5– The Clownhunter’s origin is told for the very first time in this annual and while it’s good, it just seems like another rehashing of Batman’s origin but with a different setting (This time, The Joker is taking the place of Joe Chill) and the use of longtime Batman confidant Dr. Lesile Thompkins really doesn’t bring anything new to the table concerning Clownhunter’s beginnings, it could have been better if his origin was done in a new innovative way that would bring in the ‘Wow’ factor; James Stokoe’s was great and does a good job of bringing in the noir aspect of this story. Great annual, but I do feel like if Tynion gets the chance to hit the ‘reset’ button on Clownhunter’s origin then he should do so immediately because it wouldn’t hurt to do give him some more depth than using the typical Batman mythos when it comes to introducing a character.
Jinny Hex Special # 1– What can I say?!? This special, from beginning to end, is just flat out amazing! Seeing Jinny in her first-ever solo adventure was just a joy to read and I like her going at it with the book’s main villain called Three-Eyed Jack (A weird name for a villain but it works); The blend of a Western background mixed in with some Sci-Fi elements work perfectly and the creative team of Magdalene Visaggio and Gleb Melnikov really did a good job of showcasing Jinny and making her a strong character that can hold her own in a solo series and I wouldn’t mind seeing a Jinny Hex ongoing after this special. Furthermore, The Jinny Hex Special shines in both the writing and artwork, all while giving us vibes of the good old days of the Pre-Crisis era of DC when a special like this was something you can read over and over, plus it’s another great addition to the Wonder Comics imprint.
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