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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Aquaman # 66
Batman # 105
Batman/Catwoman # 1
Commanders In Crisis # 3
Dark Nights: Death Metal # 6
Deadpool # 9
Fantastic Four # 27
Immortal Hulk # 41
Iron Man # 4
Justice League # 58
Kick-Ass VS Hit-Girl # 2
King In Black: Immortal Hulk # 1
Rorschach # 3
Star Wars: Darth Vader # 8
Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black # 2
Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Crisis On Infinite Earths # 1
Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special # 1

Batman # 105– This is another perfect issue of “Batman”, mainly because we got a great resolve to the whole Batman/Ghost-Maker storyline (**NO SPOILERS**), as well as the very cool way that Tynion wrapped up the Harley Quinn/Clownhunter plot thread (For the time being, that is) and I, really hope that we get a story featuring Harley and Clownhunter because after these past two issues I fell like there’s some strong potential to have with these two characters in a story as for the Ghost-Maker, I’m really hoping that we get more of him in these pages as he’s a wonderful character that shouldn’t be on the shelf and since Future State will be dominating the DC titles for the next two months, Batman will be the number one title I’ll be looking for in 2021.

Batman/Catwoman # 1– I’m glad that this series is out and after reading the first issue, I have to say that it does start off slow and it seems like Tom King is a HUGE fan of writing scripts dealing with three different timelines (Which occurs within these pages) and it makes me wonder if King ever watches “This Is Us” to get inspiration to write those kinds of scripts; I can honestly say that yes, some of the plot elements range from steamy to some good ol’ action (Seeing Batman and Catwoman in action against The Sewer King helped give the story some balance) plus, for fans of “Batman: The Animated Series” you’ll be surprised by the appearance of a certain villain that appeared in the series’ first movie (Some of you Batman fans know who I’m talking about) and while this was a slow read, hopefully, things will pick up and maybe, just maybe Tom King can redeem himself for the fans who weren’t crazy about his Batman run.

Immortal Hulk # 41– While all of us comic fans love seeing The Hulk and The Thing go at it, this issue gives us a very different take on that legendary staple of the Marvel Universe; I like how Al Ewing delivered a Hulk/Thing story that doesn’t rely on savage fisticuffs but give us something different…..and succeeds in the process; Seeing Hulk (In his Joe Fixit persona) and Ben Grimm talking it out in a diner really gave this story an emotional and down to earth edge that was perfect and this may definitely be one of the best issues in the Immortal Hulk’s run.

King In Black: Immortal Hulk # 1– Al Ewing delivered another great Immortal Hulk story, this time tying into the “King In Black” event but what will immediately catch your attention is the fact that the story itself doesn’t have any dialogue and relies on the plot to tell the story as we see The Hulk duking it out with a bunch of symbiotes in a department store and you know what?!- It’s absolutely incredible! I also loved the nod to legendary Hulk writer Bill Mantlo and even though Marvel goes completely overboard with their events, it’s nice to know that a tie-in like this can deliver in terms of great storytelling.

Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black # 2– This series, although on its second issue, continues to impress me; From Spidey’s moment with The Black Knight and Merlin that opens up the issue to chasing down and confronting a symbiotic-controlled Ned Leeds (Weird, considering that he’ll be used as a pawn for The Hobgoblin soon after the events of this story), this series really packs a punch and Peter David is really bringing his A-Game with his scripts (Love the Neil deGrasse Tyson reference) and Greg Land can produce such great art when he’s given the chance to show his stuff, and as long as the momentum this issue had transferred over to the remaining issues, this will be another “King In Black” tie-in that should be on your radar.

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Crisis On Infinite Earths # 1– While I will always love the original Crisis because it set out to give us one continuity within the DC Universe and completely do away with the multiple earths, I have to say that I really enjoyed this special and the way The Justice Society Of America was used as this legendary team of heroes got the spotlight if things turned out differently; The Use of Sultur as the villain was great and Alan Scott fans won’t like the ending (**NO SPOILERS**); But I will say that this special really is a spectacular companion piece to the original Crisis and is a story that will have anyone revisiting it from time to time.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next week.

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