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Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt # 2
The Avengers # 15
Batman & Robin # 10
Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (Facsimile Edition)
Batman: Gotham By Gaslight- The Kryptonian Age # 1
Blue Beetle # 10
Deadpool/Wolverine: WWIII # 2
Geiger # 3
Giant-Size Daredevil # 1
Godzilla: Skate Or Die # 1
Incredible Hulk # 13
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 21
Rifters # 1
Spider-Boy # 8
Spider-Man: Shadow of The Green Goblin # 3
Thundercats # 5
Transformers # 9
Ultimate X-Men # 4
X-Men: Blood Hunt- Jubliee # 1

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight- The Kryptonian Age # 1 -DC returns with a new Elseworlds story set in the Gotham by Gaslight world with a new story that looks to widen this universe with more powerful characters, especially a certain strange visitor from another planet. This series, written and drawn by the team of Andy Diggle and Leonardo Fernandez delivers a story that reintroduces the readers to this delightful world while bringing a brand-new take on this concept that makes for an exciting entry that thrives on its pulp environment it doesn’t, however, hold a candle to the original and while Diggle himself is a great writer, he’s no Brian Augustyn. Still, I’m willing to see where this story goes even if this opening issue didn’t exactly leave a strong first impression.

Giant-Size Daredevil # 1– The Kingpin continues to be on the road to his big comeback and what I found fascinating about the narrative of this story is how Saladin Ahmed manages to take the blood and gore of Kingpin’s path of vengeance and as we all know, this man has a deep-rooted hatred for Daredevil which Ahmed explores further but with a chilling vibe that will have anyone scarred. A great read that keeps the suspense going as to how or when DD will face Kingpin but seeing the latter back in rare form will make for a compelling DD story.

Godzilla: Skate Or Die # 1– Godzilla goes up against a crew of teenage skateboarders called The Coin Toss Crew in a small town in Australia is a premise that feels like a made for tv movie from the late 70s throughout the 80s, It’s like “The Harlem Globetrotters On Gilligan’s Island” meets the 1998 “Godzilla” movie starring Matthew Broderick but with teens and I’m 98% sure writer/artist Louie Joyce channeled any of those John Hughes movies from the 90s where he goes for the more goofy elements rather than making it a horrifying Godzilla story and it doesn’t help that the Coin Toss Crew is not interesting to where it feels like they were assembled from any of the Dogtown/Z-Boys crew but the huge difference?!- The Z-Boys had personality! Do you think you should tap out after this issue? No, but give it a chance because it could get better, unfortunately, this issue gave us very little excitement so I’m hoping that Joyce will pick up the pace and add a key element that he left out: the adrenaline rush.

Rifters # 1– Brian Posehn (“Mr. Show”), co-writer Joe Trohman and artist Chris Johnson come together to tell a story about …..time-traveling! Yes, that concept has been done to death, but this creative team takes a more comical feel to it that may have their core audience laughing or just gross them out (Trust me, there are moments within this issue that back up that claim) as the story itself opens up with time-traveling being a way of life in 2070 but gets out of control when some people go overboard with it so that’s when time cops Fenton and Gellar step in as the two of them head to 1920s Chicago to stop a group of social media influencers so that they can steal barrels of booze (not making this up) but they both get caught up in a mystery that will change everything for them; Yes, the story takes pride in its crude and low-brow humor but it also helps in drawing in the readers while holding nothing back and the one big setback is how the actions and consequences of anyone abusing time-traveling is never addressed since Posehn and Johnson are far more interesting in going for the laughs rather than telling a cohesive story but it looks as if they’re saving that for issue # 2 and beyond. This series is “Timecop” meets “Law & Order” mixed with mostly any show from “Adult Swim” to possibly deliver a good concept; While the plot for this issue may have fallen short on its execution and high expectations, it could get better……but then again, that’s asking too much.

X-Men: Blood Hunt- Jubilee # 1– This “Blood Hunt” one-shot revisits Jubilee’s time as a vampire (unfortunately remember that particular era because I’m sure that was a quick solution in making her look cool) as she teams up with a group of vampires known as The Forgiven to fight off a horde of bloodthirsty vampires; The artwork, provided by Enid Balam, is extremely hard to look at as the old looming deadline was probably approaching so he turned him quick work that didn’t do Preeti Chhibber’s script any justice, but I will say that Chhibber’s characterization of Jubilee is solid enough to where for a brief time is not looked at as the X-Men weakest link but shows she doesn’t need an X-Man (particularly Wolverine) to assist her in fighting any battle that comes her way. While many X-Men fans may not be clamoring for a Jubilee ongoing they should take solace in the fact that this one-shot has plenty of action and at the same time, taking the whole “Jubilee was once a vampire” arc and giving it some form of redemption.

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