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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 49
Avengers # 14
Batman # 147
Daredevil # 9
Energon Universe 2024 Special # 1
Geiger # 2
Shazam! # 11
Spider-Man: Shadow of The Green Goblin # 2
Transformers # 8

Amazing Spider-Man # 49– This issue is part of the first wave of “Blood Hunt” tie-ins. Most of them try to stick to the theme of said crossover while doing their best to tell their own story. Still, this issue of ASM is their lone exception as most of it features NYC overrun with vampires but at the same time, gives the readers some good character development (particularly when it comes to The White Rabbit, who is no longer looked at as a joke); Issues such as this one shows Spidey at his best even when most of the plot leans heavily on the darker aspects so rather than putting all the focus on the event, we get a Spider-Man adventure that keeps the thrills and enthusiasm thriving on every page. Suppose you want to read a stellar tie-in to a summer event that gives us all the best components. In that case, this is an issue worth checking out, and it’s surreal that it took a few bloodthirsty vampires to jumpstart the excitement for ASM so let’s hope the rest of the tie-in can follow this example.

Avengers # 14– With the current Avengers tied up due to Blood Hunt, Captain America brings together the team of Quicksilver, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hercules, and Hazmat to take on the hordes of vampires attacking worldwide. I have to say that this is an extraordinary line-up both old and new that gives them the spotlight while giving Avengers fans such great fan service plus, we get to see them take out Nazi Vampires!! (Can’t get any more stimulating than that); Do I wish this current lineup would stick around? YES!! A great read that shows how tie-ins should be done.

Energon Universe 2024 Special # 1– Skybound continues to roll out the red carpet for their Energon Universe with three connecting standalone stories brought to us by the creative teams of “Transformers” and “Void Rivals” along with “Duke ” and “Cobra Commander” writer Joshua Williamson; What’s unique about this special is how the Hasbro properties continue getting the gritty treatment that works when it comes to bringing in new readers as well as the 80s babies while making sure they enjoyed this universe even if some fans aren’t familiar with these properties; All three stories work wonders when it comes to displaying this shared universe while setting up huge storylines that will pay off in due time; However, it helps that this special shows the greatness and the endless potential that will really sale the Energon world to anyone who wants to enjoy something different in their comics. With that said, things are looking brighter and brighter with this universe.

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