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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1060
Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham # 2
Batman & Robin # 4
Batman # 428: Robin Lives!
Daredevil: Gang War # 1
Detective Comics # 1079
The Immortal Thor # 5
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 13
Moon Knight # 30
Quick Stops 2 # 1
Punisher # 2
Radiant Black # 27
Spider-Gwen: Smash # 1

Batman # 428: Robin Lives! – AT LAST!! The alternate third part of “A Death In The Family” is here. I have to say that it’s a blast to finally read this version (I can’t believe this almost came out in 1988) to where I wish DC never did that 1-800 number to save Jason Todd or kill him off because had this version came out it would have been a classic. Batman fans should add this to their collection and be delighted that DC did the right thing by releasing this after so many years.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 13– Miles Morales enters the Gang War with plenty of webs and punches (his Venom Sword is still awesome- just saying!); This issue serves as the perfect way to bounce back from the previous arc and having Federico Vicentini back on art chores is icing on the cake. While Peter Parker as Miles’ mentor feels played out it’s great to see Misty Knight back as his new mentor plus the chemistry the two of them have is undeniably good; Throwing Colleen Wing in for goon measure is also a fun bit that makes this story more enjoyable because the latter always has such great adventures when she’s paired with Misty. The ending will shock the most legion of Miles Morales fans with the return of an old character (**NO SPOILERS**) but with a street-level story of this magnitude ramping up the adrenaline, this title is on its way to being the most memorable part of “Gang War”.

Moon Knight # 30– “The Final Moments of Moon Knight” is here that serves as both a beginning and an end to a character that most of us have grown fond of for years, while it’s a heartfelt and gutwrenching ending, it doesn’t quite have that boisterous feel that “The Death of Superman” had back in the day because like it or not, it feels like the powers to be at Marvel will bring him back due to them not sticking to any death (Ms. Marvel for example) to where most MK fans will read this and be like “MEH!”; Marc Spector’s supporting cast gets the most love from this issue as it shows how strong they are and that looks like that will not change, regardless of who the new Moon Knight will be; For anyone willing to read this issue while opening Spotify and listening to Boyz II Men’s “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” do not think of this as a goodbye for Marc Spector but more like see you later……or at least until he comes back in six months.

Quick Stops 2 # 1– Kevin Smith returns to the View Askew world for a follow-up to his quirky authority series. The opening issue for this second volume puts the spotlight on Mooby the Golden Calf, the mascot from the fast-food chain that was seen mostly in “Dogma” and “Clerks II”: The origins of Mooby are flawless as it traces back to a teacher creating the character to help a bullied kindergarten student with his self-esteem and while Smith’s writing is still sharp as a tack, the story itself feels like a rejected TV movie that would’ve aired on FOX back in the 90s (It’s true); The raunchy aspects overtake the feel and tone of the story that sees Smith reverting back to his old days but I’m hoping that he can turn things around and give us some of the humorous stuff that he’s displayed in his current films.

Spider-Gwen: Smash # 1– This new Spider-Gwen series delivers big on the fun factor thanks in part to Melissa Flores, making her Marvel debut, crafting an interesting plot that finds The Mary Janes setting off on a four-city tour as the opening act to one of the top bands in Earth-65 called The Uncut Gems (Dazzler is the lead vocalist) but things aren’t so smooth as a mysterious assassin targets the headliner putting Gwen in an awkward situation (She promised the band members that Ghost Spider will be on hiatus); Flores does an outstanding job when it comes crafting the perfect adventure for Gwen while at the same time showing her facing all of the facets of her life on a personal and professional level not to mention her life as Ghost Spider, to me I really enjoy that Flores kept the spirit of Spider-Man intact for this story while bringing out the best in both Gwen and her friends. Excellent read all around while making this the perfect way for Flores to explore more aspects of the Marvel Universe.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will be back next time.

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