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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Alpha Flight # 5
Amazing Spider-Man # 39
Avengers # 8
Batman # 140
Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight # 1
Birds Of Prey # 4
Blue Beetle # 4
Daredevil # 4
Invincible Iron Man # 13
Michael Mouse (One-Shot)
The Sentry # 1
Shazam! # 6
Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain # 2
Transformers # 3

Amazing Spider-Man # 39– From the looks of it, Gang War is off to a good start that provides plenty of power play elements and non-stop supervillain action not to mention some great chemistry between Spidey and She-Hulk while duking it out with an army of monsters shows the excellent range from seeing crimelords go at one another page after page while seeing most of the plot threads that Zeb Wells weaved throughout his run come to fruition with this arc pay off thanks in part to the numerous twist and turns from the central characters that looks to bring new alliances while at the same time reigniting long time rivalries that will have anyone waiting to see what happens next. The fact that this arc is well planned out and lighting the fireworks with such enthusiasm is proof that this arc is the real predecessor to the 1986 arc with the same title. Great time to be reading ASM.

Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight # 1– Batman teaming up with Ol’ St. Nick?!? You heard right! No, this isn’t an untold tale from the “World’s Finest’ era but a modern-day Christmas story that finds Batman and Robin investigating a murder during the holiday season that finds them calling in some help (Nightwing, Batgirl, and Zatanna) to cover the mystery of this murder while coming face-to-face with something both festive and evil; This is by far one of the most bizarre team-ups ever, especially when you take into consideration how Santa was one of Batman’s students but you got to get a kick out of the former’s appearance (Santa looks like a character straight out of a John Woo movie); This issue finds its footing due to to the festive and fun that both Jeff Parker and Michele Bandini brought out in their collaboration but it never goes in the silly category that helps craft a story like this one. “Silent Knight” is the perfect way to ring in the holidays while looking at Santa Claus in a totally different light.

Michael Mouse (One-Shot)– “It’s like a Quentin Tarantino movie!” this was the line that I relayed to my good friend Andy Cazares after I had finished reading this and WOW!! it’s entertaining but be ready for this special to ruin anyone’s love for Disney. Michael Mouse recruits his longtime friends/lackeys Goony and David Duck (Sound familiar?!) involves drugs, betrayal, and murder while testing the lack of friendship the three of them supposedly have; Imagine if someone took these classic Disney characters and placed them in a dark version of Bryan Singer’s “The Usual Suspects” that went totally haywire- you end up with this story! Writer/Artist Mitch Lohmeier kept the adrenaline pumping throughout the story and took pride in the violence and the dramatic tones presented here but you have to remember that this is a cartoon; There have been plenty of satirical Disney stories to come out to the masses but this one really raises the bar when it comes to the creativity and outright madness that shines throughout this one that make you never want to watch any Disney movies without this one-shot seared in anyone’s mind. Highly Recommend.

The Sentry # 1– The next MCU star returns in his own series and while the premise looks great as a few individuals are granted the powers of one Bob Reynolds as well as his memories is a new take on a character that’s always been looked at as a unstable version of Superman but this take feels like it’s already worn out its welcome even though Jessica Jones and Misty Knight pick up the slack by being the lead characters for this opening issue. I applaud Jason Loo for taking the reins on a character such as The Sentry by going a different route when it comes to reintroducing him, but he’s no Paul Jenkins (Which is sad) because he was the one writer that I feel had a great way of handling him but since it will be a few issues before Sentry himself comes back, let’s see if Loo will make the story more cohesive.

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