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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1059
Alan Scott: Green Lantern # 2
Amazing Spider-Man Gang War: First Strike # 1
City Boy # 6
Detective Comics # 1078
Firepower # 29
The Flash # 3
Green Arrow # 6
Howard The Duck # 1
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 12
Moon Knight # 29

Amazing Spider-Man Gang War: First Strike # 1– This special introduces the “Gang War” arc right around the corner. Right away, the tag team of Zeb Wells and Cody Ziglar catches readers up to date on the recent events leading up to the arc; However, the artwork by Joey Vasquez is hard to look at because while he seems to have talent, the art could have been better but the special erupts into full-blown chaos that brings with it several big moments that will leave the readers in awe (**NO SPOILERS**); Watching the numerous gang lords and criminals fighting over power and territory may be old school when it comes to writing a street-level story like this one, but the scenes are boisterous and over the top to where you have to see what comes next so the set-up is enthralling enough to see how the arc unfolds but while the horrific artwork and exposition don’t do this issue any favors, it’s still entertaining for the action junkie who loves a story like this one with a huge side of havoc thrown in for good measure.

Green Arrow # 6– DC brings the first arc of G.A. to a close that brings surprises and reunions with great fanfare but in my opinion, the rotating artists really hurt the momentum of this issue (Frankly, I could have done without Trevor Hairsine but Sean Izaakse and Phil Hester do a fantastic job while the latter proves what an iconic Green Arrow artist he is ); While Oliver Queen gets closure from his time-jumping adventure, Roy Harper comes face-to-face with Amanda Waller that will leave anyone shocked (**NO SPOILERS**) and this has to be one of the best Green Arrow series that continues to build on continuity while forging ahead with new stories that will amaze any G.A. fan.

Howard The Duck # 1– Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones reunite for the duck’s 50th anniversary. Officially closing the book on their run from 2015 while giving the best Howard stories since the 1970s. Zdarsky and Quinones only do the framing sequence but this special sees numerous creative teams doing “What If…” scenarios courtesy of The Peeper (The Watcher’s cousin, I know it’s weird); We see Howard as president of the United States from Daniel Kibblesmith and Annie Wu, a member of the X-Men courtesy of Proteus from Jason Loo and Derek Charm and as the new Star-Lord from Merritt K and Will Robson; Most of these stories bring the comedy to a boil while showcasing Howard’s personality they feel as it the creative teams needed the perfect excuse to acknowledge the rest of the Marvel Universe by having Howard pair up with some beloved characters that works well (The X-Men story being one of them) but also leans heavily on Howard being annoying (The Star-Lord story) that gets old after the first two pages. While this special doesn’t do our favorite duck any justice it’s still a good tribute that would make Steve Gerber proud, I only wish that Zdarsky and Quinones should have taken the reigns but maybe when the next anniversary comes around.

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