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(*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*)

Amazing Spider-Man # 38
Batman: Off-World # 1
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 21
Daredevil: Black Armor # 1
Incredible Hulk # 6
Invincible Iron Man # 12
Justice Society of America # 7
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld # 1
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 114
Sensational She-Hulk # 2
Uncanny Spider-Man # 4
Wonder Woman # 3

Batman: Off-World # 1– Do you want a Batman story that’s out of the ordinary?! Well, this is the comic for you! Making his DC debut, Jason Aaron weaves a tale from Batman’s earlier days when he’s confronted by an alien who’s working for a mob boss that he’s pursuing; Suddenly, he finds on a mission on an experimental craft to battle aliens that ends in disaster when he’s taken captive. The concept is interesting but feels too much like Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s “Warworld” saga from Action Comics and any Sci-Fi movie from the early 2000s to feel original. it’s a fun read and takes a Silver Age premise to such great heights that it gives anyone the whole shock-and-awe factor and Doug Mahnke’s artwork- OUT OF THIS WORLD!! (No pun intended); This series still has time to show its whole potential so this is the perfect time to experience a Batman story. You’re in for quite the ride.

Daredevil: Black Armor # 1– D.G. Chichester returns to Daredevil for a story that features The Man Without Fear’s black armor that he wore after his classic red suit got trashed while at the same time, deciding to kill off his Matt Murdock identity and adopting the persona of Jack Batlin, a local con-man; There’s no doubt that Chichester was the strong voice for DD back in the day and this series does a great job of fleshing out that era while giving the readers another look at Jack Batlin/ Brand Spanking New DD from a new perspective that is a great way for DD fans to discover this title but while this series may not take the world by storm, it’s the perfect way for fans to head back to the 90s….just grab a can of Slice and get lost in this bygone era.

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld # 1– Marvel is celebrating 40 years of Secret Wars, the classic crossover that spanned many “OMG” moments such as The Hulk going berserk after losing control of his Bruce Banner alter-ego and of course, Peter Parker getting a new costume that obeyed his mental commands (Something that comes back to haunt him) so with that, it looks like Marvel released this series that features an untold adventure that’s squeezed between the two final panel of Secret Wars # 12 and what is the selling point for this series- the classic “Spider-Girl” creative team of Tom DeFalco and Patrick Olliffe reuniting for this epic story that puts the focus on Spider-Man (It’s so awesome to see Olliffe draw the black costume and I should add that DeFalco has not lost his step when it comes to writing Spidey); I like how both gentlemen made the characters tried-and-true from 1984 and DeFalco does a great job of keeping the action intact without going off the deep end but Instead ends up staying true to the original series. Die-hard Marvel fans, especially the 80s babies, will enjoy another trip back to Battleworld, and even with the absence of the Beyonder, this series will make us forget that “Secret Wars II” exists while serving as a true entry into the franchise.

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