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Alpha Flight # 4
Batman & Robin # 3
Black Panther # 6
Daredevil # 3
Dark X-Men # 4
Detective Comics # 1077
Geiger: Ground Zero # 1
Ghost Rider # 20
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero # 301
Immortal Thor # 4
The Rocketeer In The Den of Thieves # 4
Star Wars: Visions- Peach Momoko # 1
Superior Spider-Man # 1
Uncanny Avengers # 4
Wesley Dobbs: The Sandman # 2

Geiger: Ground Zero # 1 – This new special kicks off a new era for the Mad Ghost imprint and ultimately comes out a winner with its stellar creative team (Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, along with Brad Anderson, can do no wrong) and the fact that they can take real-life events and weave a story that is not only memorizing but adds more layers into the origin of their main character as The Glowing Man (Geiger) is being hunted by a radioactive monster while searching for his family. Being available for new readers while building a world of engaging factors that are sure to take the comics industry by storm; Everyone should pick this up and get in on the action while waiting to see what Mad Ghost comes out with next.

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero # 301– The beloved franchise gets a new lease on life thanks to Skybound/Image and what’s more exciting?!- Larry Hama is back on board as the writer, picking up where # 300 left off but Hama makes the bold decision to catch up with readers while bringing in new ones with a quick recap of the Joes and the Cobras; Hama once again shows why he’s been chronicling the Joes’ story for decades with his script that sweeps everyone away with the action-packed overtones and even of the story itself isn’t clear-cut for new readers just picking up this title for the first time, it’s still an enjoyable read, especially for the 80s babies; The artwork by Chris Mooneyham has that distinctive mixture of classic and modern that I feel is the perfect addition for this title. This issue bridges the gap between the end of an era and the beginning of a new one with perfection so fans old and new will have no problem celebrating it.

Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko # 1– With a new cult seeking to fill the absence of the Sith, a group of allies heads out to stop them in this new story from Peach Momoko, whose Star Wars work is always a joy to read and look at when it comes to her ability to blend surrealistic, odd and wonderful elements in her artwork that really has a way to making anyone get invested but what’s really interesting is how she manages to capture every aspect of the franchise without going overboard in her interpretations. Since this title has absolutely no dialogue, Momoko’s vision of a galaxy far, far away shows what a force she is as a storyteller, and relying on the visuals is a compelling and creative concept that pays off from beginning to end. Momoko again shines with her work and I hope we don’t get a large gap until her next Star Wars project comes to light.

Superior Spider-Man # 1– Marvel hit the jackpot so to speak when they repackaged Spider-Man by having Otto Octavius aka Doctor Octopus transfer his mind into Peter Parker’s body, thus making him a Superior Spider-Man; Now ten years later, Marvel is reviving the title with Dan Slott back at the writing helm (A second volume came out in 2018 that flamed out quickly) and Mark Bagley on art is a great selling point and the inclusion of Spider-Boy adds charm but the story never hits its full potential when it comes to actually seeing Otto as the Superior Spidey and while the last two pages help in laying the groundwork for future stories (**NO SPOILERS**) while establishing Supernova as a serious threat, this premier issue felt more like a Peter Parker story with Otto himself in a supporting role ….IN HIS OWN TITLE!!

The backup feature by Slott and Nathan Stockman is more entertaining and gives us another look at Spider-Boy’s past, this time in his interactions during Otto’s earlier days as Spider-Man. This series looks like it could bring back what was once known as a different yet daring time in Spider-Man’s life while seeing Slott as his best but with this first issue backfiring big time, let’s see if the second issue and beyond will be more invigorating since this issue just has one purpose and that it’s just there.

Well, that’s it for me this week, Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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