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All-Star Comics # 3 (Facsimile Edition)
Amazing Spider-Man # 37
Batman # 139
Blue Beetle # 3
Punisher # 1
Shazam! # 5
Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain # 1
Thanos # 1
Transformers # 2
Uncanny Spider-Man # 3

Amazing Spider-Man # 37– Love him or hate him, Rek-Rap is by far one of the most intriguing yet odd factors to come out of this current ASM run so it was a blast to see him get some shine before things get chaotic due to the upcoming “Gang War” arc. I really enjoy the humor as well as the silver-age style flashback sequences that both Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness added in order to make this story feel exciting and as usual, Rek-Rap’s tendency to annoy Peter Parker is another element that comes off as being wonderful even though its been shown to great effect since Rek-Rap hit the scene. As we get prepared for “Gang War” to begin (I feel that this upcoming storyline will NEVER hold a candle to the original arc from the late 80s, despite some minor flaws and the fact that the creative team at the time quit at the beginning of the arc) I may be the only one to say this. Still, I would love to see more Rek-Rap, craziness and all.

Punisher # 1– It happened- Frank Castle is no longer The Punisher! But since he’s moved on it looks like Marvel has given us a new vigilante to carry on in his name and that’s Joe Garrison, a former black-ops agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. who shares the same dilemma that Castle did when it comes to his family (It feels lazy but then again, David Pepose needed a reason for Joe to take on the Punisher mantle instead of a guy with special skills going out to kill people for the sheer fun of it. I mean, this is not a Steven Seagal movie); Despite this being the first issue, I feel as if Joe Garrison already has a handle on dealing out vengeance due to the action being hard-hitting AND a Mr. Hyde appearance thrown in for good measure because after reading this, it feels like an old-school Punisher story….only that it stars a new guy in the role so is the potential there? Yes and from the looks of it, Punisher fans old and new will find this to be another thrill ride of bullets and weapons.

Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain # 1– This series brings us another wonderful sequel to the Richard Donner film that once again captures the spirit and tone that made us believe a man can fly. The issue opens up with a chunk of Kryptonite landing in the USSR where the Soviet Union decides they need their own champion to defeat Superman (“Rocky IV” vibes, anyone?!) and this is when Metallo comes into the picture (I really wish he was in his classic green and orange armor) that sees him in a new light and I have faith in Robert Venditti delivering the nostalgic factor with precision; I should also add that Gavin Guidry’s artwork looks very clean and sophisticated that it complements Venditt’s script that works better than Wilfredo Torres’ work. Those looking for good characterization and capturing lighting in a bottle will find this series another great read and the perfect reminder of why Christopher Reeve is the greatest Superman ever.

Thanos # 1– The Mad Titan returns in another new ongoing that shows him coming to earth to retrieve something he lost so The newest version of the Illuminati shows up to stop him. First off it was weird to know that even though this was Thanos’ title, his few appearances were quick and then the story moved on but he did make the best out of those appearances; Second, I did find it hilarious that Thanos showed up in Fresno, CA. where protagonist Roberta Marshall is from and Christopher Cantwell quickly establish a connection between her and Thanos (He even finds a way to move the Central Valley into space! You can’t make this stuff up!); This issue didn’t really bring the excitement one might imagine when it comes to reading a Thanos story but fingers crossed that the next issue will dive into the Thanos/Roberta Marshall aspect while making sure this series kicks off with a bang! Thanos in Fresno-who would’ve thought!

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