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Avengers # 7
Detective Comics # 1076
Magneto # 4
The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Edition # 1
Spider-Boy # 1
Ultimate Universe # 1

The Return of Superman 30th Anniversary Edition # 1– The Return of Superman came out thirty years ago that featured four different Supermen ready and willing to take on the mantle of The Man of Steel so it’s only natural that DC is celebrating this event with an oversized special (DC LOVES pricing them at $9.99) that serves as the ultimate nostalgia trip for anyone who enjoyed these characters and their stories from the 90s. Bringing back the creators (sans Roger Stern and Butch Guice-although the latter did provide a pin-up) Steel, The Eradicator, Superboy, and The Cyborg Superman all get their moment to shine thanks in part to the creative teams (I do think that Dan Jurgens is a master when it comes to further fleshing out Cyborg Superman). While this issue took us back to a forgotten era, Superman fans will enjoy this and maybe they will be able to show their kids this special. Crazier things have happened.

Spider-Boy # 1– Bailey Briggs aka Spider-Boy gets his series and right away, it’s an absolute delight that takes the riders back to the early days of Spider-Man and to his credit, Dan Slott has created a world for Bailey to flourish from his budding friendship with Christina to get some recognition for his heroics but his origin has a dark and frightening overtone that will get you even more invested in Bailey’s adventure. Slott does a great job of giving us more insight into Bailey’s interactions with Spider-Man which shows the latter accepting him. The villains, however, are somewhat silly but it does add charm and fun to this series. The backup story with art by Ty Templeton displays a goofy team-up with Squirrel Girl that’s just amazing and will also add to the excitement of reading this series. This series has a special quality that will keep the readers coming back for more. Highly recommend.

Ultimate Universe # 1– After the events of the “Ultimate Invasion”, Jonathan Hickman continues his ability to build new worlds by rolling out his new vision for the Ultimate Universe with a one-shot that doesn’t have that grand gesture that would come with an issue like this one but while myself and fans of the original Ultimate Universe are excited to see what Hickman and company come out with next, this special had a hard time in getting out the gate; While I appreciate Ultimate Thor getting some shine while teaming up with the Doctor Doom-armor wearing Reed Richards and Tony Stark, Iron Lad, it was the weird introduction of Ultimate Captain Britain that felt out of place but I have faith in Hickman’s approach to this new reboot and since it’s alright that he’s not interested in fan service in the form of recycling anything that came before, I wish this issue could have had more power added to the mix so let’s see how the new Ultimate titles will succeed.

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