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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 35
American Psycho # 1
Avengers # 6
Batman & Robin # 2
Capwolf And The Howling Commandos # 1
Daredevil # 183 (Facsimile Edition)
Green Lantern # 4
Magneto # 3
Mom Breaks The Internet # 1
Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow # 6
The Superior Spider-Man Returns # 1
Spider-Man India # 5
Undiscovered Country # 26
Wesley Dobbs: The Sandman # 1

American Psycho # 1– “You remember American Psycho, The 2000 movie directed by Mary Harron that’s based on the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis?! It was a little dark (and bloody) for my taste but soon after it came into its own, commercially and artistically. In 2023, this comic came out and became an undisputed masterpiece”- Okay, so maybe I don’t possess Christian Bale’s acting chops but it was a shock to find out that this comic actually existed as the team of writer Michael Calero and artist Pior Kowalski explore Patrick Bateman’s infamous killing spree from a new perspective back in the 80s while the series time jumps to 2011 where a social media obsessed millennial Charlene “Charlie” Carruthers finds herself on a trail of violence and bloodshed while discovering her sinister nature. This issue does a terrific job of filling in some of the plot holes from the movie while charting into new territories that I feel will make the franchise alive and well with the focus being shifted to Charlie Carruthers (Anything to makes us forget “American Psycho 2”) it’s an interesting catch to see how Patrick Bateman’s dark legacy lives on although I would have loved to see more of the latter’s life post-1987. This is a thrilling psychological read that will keep you wanting more but don’t be surprised if your partner gives you a weird look if you tell them that you have to return some videotapes.

Capwolf And The Howling Commandos # 1– Capwolf, one of the more captivating yet weird aspects of Mark Gruenwald’s iconic run on Captain America returns in this new series, just in time for Halloween; This issue kicks off with Cap and the commandos joining forces to take down some Nazi cultist who are planning to uses supernatural forces to help them come off as the dominant force during World War II. Stephanie Phillips can be hit or miss as a writer but with this series, she seems to have left out the monsters so that she can build up to Cap turning into a wolf, and her script does the commandos justice while paying homage to the 1940s, this could have been better with actual monsters but let’s see if Phillips can pick up the pace with the next issue.

Mom Breaks The Internet # 1– This series feels like a rejected plot for a Lifetime movie that felt exciting while being pitched to executives, too bad the execution fell apart because this was a series that I felt anyone could get behind. We are introduced to Barbie Reed, a computer programmer who just lost her job on the same day her daughter Penny (a budding activist) gets arrested and touched inappropriately by a police officer; With these events still fresh on her mind, Barbie decides to take stand as she rallies every tech-savvy mother to help her change the world. The issues clearly touch on the elements of activism and feminism to where it feels overwhelming but loses its footing. Issue two should be better. Hopefully!

The Superior Spider-Man Returns # 1– Marvel’s wall-crawling anti-hero returns in this one-shot. I could not be any happier that Superior Spidey is BACK!! The story travels back to the past when Otto Octavius inadvertently created a villain thanks to his ego while once again proving that he can be a hero even though he has to step on a few toes. This introductory issue may not set the world on fire but with Dan Slott (assisted by Christos Gage) at the helm, the surprises and explosive themes are here to stay as we enter a brand new era in the life of the Superior Spider-Man.

Wesley Dobbs, The Sandman # 1– The Sandman is back in a new series that’s part of DC’s “New Golden Age” line. The most exciting thing about this series is how Robert Venditti covers every bit of history that never comes off as confusing but lays out everything that you need to know about the character; The story starts off with Wesley Dobbs wanting to leave his vigilante ways behind him, decides to sell his sleeping gas to the military but gets dismissed with ease, which spells trouble. Riley Rossmo looks to be pulling back from his exaggerated animated style for the most part but manages to keep the moody noir tone for Venditti’s script intact (Ivan Reis would have been AMAZING for this series……..just saying!); This series was great to read and it will no doubt bring readers back to the herald “Sandman Mystery Theater” days with fondness. With this high level of creativity firing on all cylinders, DC should take a leap of faith and give us a Sandman ongoing set in this era because we could all use a hero like Wesley Dobbs.

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