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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1057
Avengers # 5
Avengers Annual # 1
Detective Comics # 1074
Firepower # 27
The Flash # 1
Green Arrow # 4
Immortal Thor # 2
Invincible Iron Man # 10
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 112
Miracleman: The Silver Age # 7
Power Girl # 1
Spider-Man: India # 4
Unstoppable Doom Patrol # 6

The Flash # 1 -The Fastest Man Alive gets a new direction courtesy of the new creative team of Si Spurrier and Mike Deodato Jr.; Might I say that their debut is just mind-blowing and exciting; Wally West gets drawn into a bizarre sci-fi adventure that involves the Speed Force to where he gets to be creative with his powers while experiences some horrifying elements, especially when it comes to the Speen Force. I love how the familiar factors associated with The Flash make them feel fresh but dangerous but make for a great series. Mike Deodato Jr.’s artwork still feels flat due to his facial expressions. I will admit that his style is perfect and complements Spurrier’s script to no avail. This new approach to The Flash is frightening but also gives the readers a family dynamic, Sci-Fi aspects, and a friendly read that will appeal to both old and new readers.

Green Arrow # 4– Oliver Queen vs. Parallax!! That’s something one would never dream would happen in 2023; I mean, if this was the ’90s then I would love to have read about this while drinking a can of Mello Yello, listening to either The Smashing Pumpkins or Cypress Hill while waiting for “Martin” to come on (Okay, Okay…..a guy can go wild with the past); The confrontation between Ollie and Parallax Hal is so magnificent while being used as a plot element to make the story more engaging. Joshua Williamson really knows how to get into the heads of the characters he writes about by taking certain pieces of their past to tell a story like this one but the most diehard G.A. fans will enjoy this throwback issue. In contrast, new fans might get a kick out of the extensive history of Green Arrow.

Invincible Iron Man # 10– The anticipated wedding between Tony Stark and Emma Frost could have been amazing but in the end, it was just disappointing in more ways than one; I feel Marvel should really consider these “big events” to sell a series because after Tony gets done with his battle with the mutant-hating industrialist Feilong and his use of Iron Man technology to make his “Stark Sentinels”, I think divorce will be on the horizon for Tony and Emma. Thanks for another pointless event, Marvel!

Power Girl # 1– Power Girl gets a new series that feels fresh and entertaining since DC made the decision to expand the Super Family that delivers on the action as well as a new alter-ego; The story, that features a sinister threat ready to destroy the Super Family with Power Girl stepping in to stop it while on a quest to reconnect with her roots. The exposition feels short and I feel as if most of the electrifying aspects that kicked off this title just came and went and that’s a shame because, with a character like Power Girl, this series has the potential to be fun as well as serve as a new beginning for Dr. Paige Stetler (I still say that Karen Starr was a better alter-ego); The excitement felt short of execution, so let’s hope that the second issue succeeds in making things more lively instead of delivering another dud.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around. I will see you all next time.

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