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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Alpha Flight # 2
Amazing Spider-Man # 34
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 19
Captain America # 1
Uncanny Spider-Man # 1
Wonder Woman # 1

Captain America # 1– J. Michael Straczynski returns to Marvel with a new take on the Sentinel of Liberty that not only gives us a look into Steve Rogers’ past and how it impacts his current status. Going back in time to Steve’s past as an orphan in NYC works for the most part. As time goes on, it gets a little tiresome; JMS gives Steve such great character work while showing the readers why Cap is such an iconic figure with a down-to-earth deposition that will put anyone at ease, but it looks like JMS and artist Jesus Saiz (Who’s producing the best artwork of his career) spent so much time in diving into Steve’s backstory but I did enjoy the history behind the apartment building that he grew up in and the new direction that it’s taken (**NO SPOILERS**) as well as Cap’s brief adventure with The Fantastic Four (I’m sure JMS threw that in just for the heck of it);
This new series gives us a new direction for Cap that fans old and new will enjoy with awe. Without an actual story being told I know that with time, Straczynski may surprise us to where it could be the best Cap run.

Uncanny Spider-Man # 1– I’ll admit- this is a great premise to see Nightcrawler and his desire to be a care-free, swashbuckling adventurer while donning the mantle of Spider-Man and his lifestyle to be the hero he could be and it is a great way to address the anti-mutant hysteria that has Kurt Wagner making the decision of wearing a mask but with the first few pages of this issue, Si Spurrier seems to be having fun with this series as he keeps Nightcrawler’s charming personality intact while injecting some of Spidey’s humor that really makes this a compelling read but you’ll also be shocked at the new look for The Vulture (**NO SPOILERS**) and the return of a classic Spider-Man character only adds to the excitement that comes with a title such as this one and with Nightcrawler’s new solo series off to a great start, it’s only a matter of time before Kurt Wagner braces the motto of “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”

Wonder Woman # 1– Wonder Woman gets a new series, only this time it’s written by Tom King. He’s a writer who can set up such great concepts. Then, those same concepts get too convoluted to where the characters and the story itself lose their focus now that he’s back to writing a natural superhero story, I just assumed he would go back to his roots. After reading this- I was wrong! The plot involves Congress passing a law that forbids Amazons on U.S. soil after an Amazonian is accused of murder, making Diana Prince an outlaw, Wonder Woman herself doesn’t even show up for the first half of this issue (Unbelievable, huh!), I find it hard to believe, but it looks as if King’s plans for this series are already falling short, and I feel that some of King’s fans will enjoy this new iteration of W.W,. even if it does come off as sloppy. Let’s hope and pray he picks up the pace.

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