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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 33
Batman # 137
Birds of Prey # 1
Blue Beetle # 1
Black Panther # 4
City Boy # 4
Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengence Alpha # 1
Justice Society of America # 6
Kill Your Darlings # 1
Magneto # 2
Moon Knight # 27
Shazam! # 3

Amazing Spider-Man # 33– Kraven’s Last Hunt will always go down as the most legendary Spider-Man story to date. 40 years later, the current arc of ASM looks to recapture the magic from that story as we follow Spidey, who was infected with Norman Osborn’s sins by Kraven The Hunter, and with that, Spidey is now the hunter with Kraven himself in his sights; The dark and moody elements within this issue works well to where it pays homage to KLH instead of recycling bits and pieces of the original story so I’m glad Zeb Wells didn’t go that route. I’ll always praise Patrick Gleason’s art, I wish he would have stuck with this style instead of trying to use Mike Zeck’s work as inspiration but his use of darkness helps in completing the story while showing that he does indeed have range. Very impressive feat to take Kraven’s Last Hunt and give us a companion piece worthy of the original so kudos to the creative team for achieving the impossible and giving us another enjoyable story arc.

Birds of Prey # 1– This series has two things that make it likable- One would be Kelly Thompson (Making her DC debut)
delivering what could be one of her best scripts to date when it comes to setting up the team while adding some new elements that will excite fans (I thought it’s amazing to see Zealot on the team, which will no doubt have Wildstorm fans jumping for joy, either that or making sure there “WildC.A.T..S.” run is in pristine condition); Yes, I think it’s complete overkill to put Harley Quinn on the team since they’re no Suicide Squad and it seems like the powers to be at DC needs a comic relief for this team but I enjoy how Thompson fleshed out Big Barda, who definitely comes off as the fan favorite. Overall this is an excellent start to a series that has so much history behind it so it’s exciting to see where it goes.

Blue Beetle # 1– After the success of “Blue Beetle” Graduation Day”, Jaime Reyes gets a new ongoing, bringing back the creative team of Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez and I have to say, this is a very remarkable debut that shows the growth of Jamie as a leader with current Scrab holders Dynasties and Nitida finding their way on earth but the one bright spot within this issue is that Ted Kord is back as Jamie’s mentor because the dynamic between the two of them keeps the Blue Beetle legacy alive and well but it never feels forced or used as a way to help enhance the story (Although Ted finds himself having a horrible day- **NO SPOILERS**); This is a promising start for Blue Beetle, especially since this title has a solid team such as Trujillo and Gutierrez at the helm so I predict that this could be another successful series for DC. At least it’s a lot better than the movie that came out so that’s a definite plus.

Kill Your Darlings # 1– What a compelling read that will amaze you but also leave you frightened. A young girl named Rose enjoys her fantasy world of fluffy creatures and whimsical settings but when her imaginary world comes in contact with the real world due to the evil entity that dwells in her world is when things come crashing down for Rose. This is a great concept that not only deals with trauma but also how powerful a child’s imagination can be and how it can affect them as well; the ending will leave you shocked (**NO SPOILERS**); I can honestly say that this is a series that’s basically “Calvin & Hobbes” if it was reimaged by Stephen King. This is a series should be on anyone’s radar.

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