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Amazing Spider-Man # 300 (Facsimile Edition)
Amazing Spider-Man # 32
Ice Cream Man # 36
Immortal Thor # 1
Invincible Iron Man # 9
Jean Grey # 1
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 111
The Rocketeer In the Den of Thieves # 2
The Schlub # 1
Unstoppable Doom Patrol # 5

Amazing Spider-Man # 300 (Facsimile Edition)- It’s great to see this issue get a Facsimile since it’s one of the best Spider-Man stories to date (Not ignoring “Kraven’s Last Hunt” that is) and the first-ever battle between both Spider-Man and Venom still packs a punch for anyone who read this for the very first time but it also serves as a reminder of how innovative Todd McFarlane’s art was back in his early days (A far cry from his “Incredible Hulk” run) and David Michelinie already pulling out all of the stops at the beginning of his run so yeah this brings back plenty of great memories that will transport you back to 1988 (I bought the original copy from Golden Apple Comics in Melrose, Ca. when I was a kid); Die-Hard Spider-Man fans should definitely add this to their collection, both the regular AND the foil covers (The latter makes for a great conversation piece)

Ice Cream Man # 36– Getting swallowed by a giant whale is a story that has been told many times but this current issue of “Ice Cream Man” takes that concept to new yet frightening heights when a local fisherman heads out to find his daughter …..who’s been swallowed by a whale but what makes this story unique in its own weird way is the journey the fisherman takes inside the whale as we get to see a fascinating look at love and grief that mixes in the abnormal landscape to the series’ mythos but be prepared for some chuckles here and there as the fisherman discovers a few people who have been trapped by this whale and the only way out Is getting a ride on his blowhole (Sounds weird when you think about it, yet alone saying it out loud); With elements of “Moby Dick” and “Pinocchio” added in for giggles, this all too familiar story presented in this issue is entertaining with the right amount of sadness that will leave us in a state of silent wonderment.

Immortal Thor # 1– Fans of Marvel’s esteemed God of Thunder will find many things to love about this new series like the rainbow bridge to Midgard (Earth) repaired, Loki no longer ruling over Jotunheim but most of all: The classic costume officially back! (Can’t get any better than that); Al Ewing (Who continues to be one of the most innovative writers to work for Marvel) manages to put a fresh spin on Thor’s origin and clearly, he’s having a blast in establishing a small “back to basic” approach for the character after years of dark stories. I also enjoy some of the plot elements Ewing unveils such as Thor going to Midgard and partying it up with the local youth under a transgender flag while at the same time, breaking up a hate crime that involves mutants, therefore making it a story of identity that never goes off the rails in its presentation. Even thought Thor comes in contact with Toranos, the Ulgard-Thor (a thunder god from Celtic mythology) this series will succeed in bringing back the fans who loved Thor since the Silver Age and quite possibly, the ones who are already tired of the MCU version. A very compelling read and if I may say so, it’s great to have the beer-swilling, smiling Thor back!

The Schlub # 1– This could be one of the most hilarious superhero concepts to ever come out of Image Comics and right away, the action and hilarity go hand-in-hand in perfect harmony. We’re introduced to Roger Dalton, a dentist who feels as if he deserves a better life, between his frequent attempts at getting back with his ex-wife and harboring tons of hate for his father and brother, who manages to get a billboard promoting their business right across from Roger’s practice (OUCH!!) he just can’t seem to catch a break; It’s only when he meets the city resident hero, Cirrus who’s in battle with his archnemesis Wyrm that has the two of them switching bodies. Ryan Stegman and Kenny Porter give us a protagonist who’s completely unlikable but through the course of the issue, we see how Roger handles his newfound abilities while trying to make sense of the situation. His chemistry with Cirrus makes for great comedic moments that feel like it’s been lifted from a sitcom (Seriously, this should be a sitcom!); While I feel as if the premise itself should be used as a way to give Roger a chance at redeeming himself, it looks like both Stegman and Porter are looking to play it up for big laughs because, in this case, with great power comes great self-entitlement. Let the hilarity begin!

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