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Amazing Spider-Man # 29
Fishflies # 1
Knight Terrors: The Flash # 1
Knight Terrors: Green Lantern # 1
Knight Terrors: Shazam! # 1
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 8
The Rocketeer In The Den of Thieves # 1
Rogue & Gambit # 5
Savage Squad 6 # 1
Sirens of The City # 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Stranger Things # 1
Unstoppable Doom Patrol # 4
World’s Finest: Teen Titans # 1

Fishflies # 1– Jeff Lemire takes a true-to-life element involving fishflies that pop up in certain North American towns and uses that to develop a truly horrifying series that keeps you invested with every page. The flies themselves are used as the backstory of a criminal who botches a robbery at a local convenient store and then meets up with a neglected preteen girl, who has to deal with her alcoholic and abusive father, who befriends him and begins his own metamorphosis. To me, it felt like Lemire was channeling everything that David Cronenberg brought to the table with his 1986 remake of “The Fly” but he instantly made it his own story without copying anything which felt refreshing and Lemire’s artwork is the perfect way to acknowledge the distorted yet edginess tone that’s been set but even though you can read this issue with ease, the bizarre factor makes this a true winner.

Knight Terror: Shazam! # 1– I’ve recently given up on the whole DC/Marvel crossover events that they like to put out during the summertime that equals large amounts of $$$ for them, but I can’t help myself when it comes to the tie-ins but Knight Terror, that features a villain named Insomnia who basically forces the world into a state of endless slumber, forcing them to relive their darkest nightmares, seems to have the best tie-ins. This one puts the focus on Mary Bromfield as she finds herself in a nightmare within a nightmare that finds her without a way out of them; This story is entertaining due to Mark Waid showing Mary’s fears when it comes to her family but things get both dark with a sense of weirdness in the form of Billy Batson dressed up as Black Adam (At least this series did a better job of the characterization of B.A. than that Dwayne Johnson movie could have done); Roger Cruz is a godsend on the art chores as he conveys every dark aspect from Waid’s script to make it feel chilling and yes, he does a perfect job of doing that. The emotional elements that are presented in Mary’s Knight Terror (At least she’s not dreaming about Cobras- heh heh!) are enough for fans of the current Shazam! title to enjoy while at the same time, making Mary Bromfield the glue that holds the family together ……and no, I’m not following that up with a Dom Toretto reference. Sorry!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 8– The Hobgoblin has always been one of my favorite Spider-Man villains so this new arc, which is basically a reset in the aftermath of “Carnage Rising” finds Miles in the crosshairs of the glider-riding villain and I would like to add that MM: SM artist Federico Vincenti really injects a sense of mania and rage that hasn’t been seen since the days of John Romita J. and Ron Frenz in the 1980s. The action sequences are dynamic and MIles’ interactions/partnership with Sterling feels like Peter Parker’s time hanging out with The Black Cat but Cody Ziglar outshines himself in making that factor fresh for the audience. Even though Hobgoblin makes his presence felt, it looks like Miles has a new mystery on his hands (Even with his Spider-Sense acting up) that looks to be resolved piece by piece as this arc goes on but the fanboy in you will scream with delight with just this bit right here- Spider-Man vs The Hobgoblin!…need I say more?!

Sirens of The City # 1– BOOM Studios introduces its latest series that takes the supernatural factor to new heights since it adds modern-day aspects to the story that hopefully will catch anyone’s attention. Taking place in New York City circa 1987, the story follows a young girl named Layla who finds herself homeless after her foster parents turn their backs on her, now she has to find her way while dealing with an unplanned pregnancy as well as her keeping her powers under control. Various creatures and vampires are some of the grittier components that make this a compelling read and the black-and-white color schemes are just magnificent. The narrative never gets convoluted thanks in part to Joanne Starer bringing out the best in the character, particularly Layla while Khary Randolph’s art is amazing as he put in a lot of effort into capturing the essence of the 80s. This is a strong debut from a series that looks to be another big hit for BOOM and yes, you should get out your Pepsi, any New Edition album, and read this with such enthusiasm. I have to say this, but Layla DEFINITELY could have been played by Jasmine Guy if this was a series from the 80s….just saying.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Stranger Things # 1– The gang from Hawkins, Indiana find themselves in NYC on a field trip that ends in disaster when they come face-to-face with a pack of Demodogs, luckily the TMNT save the day and this amazing group of characters come together to see if they can put an end to their reign of terror. I confess- I never thought that this crossover would work but after reading it, it does a perfect job of embracing crossover events that don’t feel cheesy (Looking at YOU, The Flintstones meets The Jetsons!) Yes, the NYC subway system feels like the place where you could run into any creature that will harm you (Not counting the grifters and weirdos), and Baxter Stockman is involved but this is quite frankly one spectacular adventure that has such great potential to where we could possibly see a sequel shortly, but let’s hope the creative team continues bringing the herculean effort that brought with this issue into the next and Stranger Things fans will find everything to love about this series……now let’s see if BOOM will give us Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Friends…..could be the crossover we needed.

World’s Finest: Teen Titans # 1– Mark Waid and Emanuela Lupacchino (Whose artwork has that Adam Hughes influence to it but looks so gorgeous) modernizes DC’s premier teen group in its Silver Age incarnation to great effect to where it’s just flat-out fun to read. The chemistry and teamwork displayed in this series are both timeless and charming which will remind long-time readers why the Teen Titans are simply amazing. Waid continues to be the master storyteller because of his attention to detail, as well as his sharp knowledge of continuity, works on all levels to where he knows how to make any character feel fresh and excited without using tons of exposition. This series will make you love the Teen Titans and after this issue, maybe DC could relaunch their entire line under the “World’s Finest” banner and I for one, would get a kick out of it and who knows?!- DC could once again find some goodwill with their fanbase.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and will see you all next time.

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