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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent # 5
Barnstormers # 1
Captain America # 750
Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest # 1
Daredevil # 13
Fantastic Four # 13
My Greatest Adventure # 80 (Facsimile Edition)
Spider-Man # 10
Thor Annual # 1
Torrent # 5
Venom # 22
Weird Work # 1

Barnstormers # 1– Scott Snyder and Tula Lotay team up for a Bonnie and Clyde-esque love story set in the 1920s that will draw in readers. The hero of this story is Hawk E. Baron, who after getting injured during World War I, is an adventurer who goes from town to town entertaining people in his plane. Everything changes when he meets Helen, a woman who shares his passion for adventure and leaves her fiance so that she can join up with him to where they eventually bond and maybe, just maybe……fall in love. Snyder and Lotay have outdone themselves with the start of this intriguing epic since it takes a very illustrious time in American history to craft something as brilliant as this but the one thing that’s not so great is Snyder using every page to cram in as much dialogue as possible which tends to make the readers feel overwhelmed but you should never let that scare you away from getting into the story. Tula Lotay’s artwork does a tremendous job of capturing the essence of the 1920s where she brings a Norman Rockwell influence to her work. This is a great read that should be checked out by both comic book fans and history buffs and I’m still in awe that both Snyder and Lotay brought a Warren Beatty movie to the comic pages.

Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest # 1– Yes, this is Ann Nocenti’s first time writing a Captain Marvel story and it’s packed with the usual troupes such as taking a look into Carol Danvers’ life while seeing her launch into a new cosmic threat, this time it’s Nitro who not only have Danvers but anyone who’s ever had the mantle (Mar-Vell comes to mind); Nocenti may not have had any real experience in crafting a story of this magnitude, but for the most part, it is entertaining to where the readers will want to see what comes next but while the first issue gets off to a slow start, it’s worth picking up to see Carol in all her glory.

My Greatest Adventure # 80 (Facsimile Edition)- The first appearance of the Doom Patrol gets the facsimile treatment but while it’s a fun story that feels like an unused X-Men plot, fans of DC’s most unusual team will get a sheer kick out of this, especially for all of the goofiness that DC brought to the table during the Silver Age era. I should also add that this facsimile edition has a foil cover?! Oh yeah……a foil cover! I’m still shaking my head over the $5.99 price…….oh DC. Always trying to get a quick buck, fan service or not.

Spider-Man # 10– The finale of the “Maxed Up” arc finds solid conclusions to such plot threads like Spidey’s spider-sense going into overdrive and Electro on a rampage that fans of this title will find solace in, but the big “OMG” moment?!- Spidey finally meets his “long lost sidekick” Spider-Boy! Yes, it’s monumental and I’ll be the first to admit that Bailey Briggs aka Spider-Boy is starting to grow on me as a character seeing as he brings such a huge abundance of energy that hasn’t been seen since the Bronze Era of comics. While Slott, Bagley and co. are inching towards revealing the mystery behind Spider-Boy, it’s nice to see that he can make a full appearance in this title as opposed to sulking in the shadows. Spider-Boy’s presence does indeed shake up the status quo he is a character worth looking out for while seeing how his interactions with Spidey get fleshed out in the coming issues as this series definitely makes “Amazing Spider-Man” look like the sister title in comparison.

Weird Work # 1– The only way that this title can be described is that it’s “Futurama” and “Law & Order” meets a David Lynch movie with some noir elements added to the mix that makes it extremely weird (No pun intended); Created by UK artist Shaky Kane and writer Jordan Thomas, this crime epic follows Detective Ovra Sawce as he looks into a triple homicide while getting a new partner (His old one was murdered); The premise gets you hooked immediately after you glance at the first page of this issue and both Kane and Thomas look like they’re having a ball with the colorful settings and bizarre trappings that they presented in every page but it does have that distinctive feeling of taking every plot thread and cramming it into this issue to where you cannot feel invested in both the characters nor the mystery that’s lingering in the story which is disappointing since Kane’s visuals are eye-popping while Thomas is adding every humanoid or creature for Kane to draw, making him the ideal artist for a series such as this one. While nothing outside of this issue felt exhilarating, there’s still time for Thomas and Kane to get the ball rolling for the next issue as the concepts of Cops, Corruption, and Cults get a quirky yet bright spin in a series like this one…only let’s hope that the creative team actually remembers to bring the quirkiness when they start working on the next issue.

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