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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 27
Batman Incorporated # 9
Black Panther # 1
Captain America: Cold War Omega # 1
Cosmic Ghost Rider # 4
Frank Frazetta’s Mothman # 1
Green Lantern # 2
Moon Knight # 24
Monarch # 5
Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clones # 4
Spider-Man India # 1
Venom: Lethal Protector II # 4

Black Panther # 1 – T’Challa is a king with no kingdom. Still, while this approach has been done many times before, this time it doesn’t make T’Challa feel like the Diet Coke version of Batman
but it puts more focus on a man who, after being stripped of his title and in exile, continues to look after his country no matter what. Eve L. Ewing, coming in after the conclusion of John Ridley’s run, sets T’Challa in a beautiful new direction that gives the readers a look at Wakanda through a set of fresh eyes as if we’re seeing it for the very first time but Ewing finds a way to make it all exciting. I should also point out that the artwork, done by rising star Chris Allen shines on every page, making Wakanda feel quite alive. T’Challa’s new costume is just awesome and that’s a fact! This is by far a great take on a character that’s been around for years and quite frankly, taking what makes T’Challa special and reinventing the wheel so to speak in order to appease fans old and new.

Frank Frazetta’s Mothman # 1– Frank Frazetta’s work has always amazed anyone who’s come in contact with it due to his ability to mix fantasy with sci-fi so this new series, which is Opus Publishing’s way of expanding the Frazettaverse, embraces the fantasy aspect but has some fun with it. Inspired by the sightings of a giant man-sized moth in Point Pleasant, West Virginia back in 1966-67, this unusual mothman crashes his ship and gets caught in the crossfire of the residents of Point Pleasant. Sure, it takes liberty with the usual cliches that one would find in any alien story, but the creative team of writer Tim Hedrick and artists Andrea Mutti and Luis Guaragna take Frazetta’s vision to add in humor and anything you would find in an 80s sci-fi movie to great effect. This story may not have the emotional impact that John Carperter’s 1984 classic “Starman” had but feels more like a grittier version of “ALF” and with that, it’s the perfect way to draw fans into the Frazettaverse while being amazed by his everlasting creativity.

Green Lantern # 2– Two issues in and Jeremy Adams has succeeded in making Hal Jordan likable to many DC fans that had to suffer through Geoffrey Thorne’s run (It would be best to steer clear of that); Hal’s charm and charisma are put to good use, especially during a scene where he gets to meet Carol Ferris’ new boyfriend (Awkward!!); Adams shows that he’s having an absolute blast in giving new life to Hal while reminding the readers why Green Lantern is one of the brightest heroes within the DC Universe. The backup story by Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Who can do no wrong at this point) shows John Stewart continuing his own comeback but I feel like DC should have given Stewart his own title. The conversations that John has with his mother are so grounded with joy and wisdom but the high-octane cosmic action help in shaping John’s comeback story. With two of the most talented and beloved writers at the helm, Green Lantern is by far one of the DC titles anyone should look forward to.

Spider-Man India # 1– Fresh off his big-screen debut in “Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse”, Pavitr Prabhakar returns in his own series since 2004, but while that latter brought its own charm and energy, this new series just feel flat since Pavitr relies so heavily on the elements that make Peter Parker on interesting, the creative team doesn’t find a way to make Pavitr likable which is a shame. I’ll admit there are some cool factors from Pavitr’s universe such as a three-headed, three-armed Mysterio (I swear I’m not making that up) as well as an alternate (yet overdramatic) origin of the Lizard, those two factors are;t enough to make this an enjoyable experience. There’s still time for the team of writer Nikesh Shukla and artist Abhishek Malsuni to get things back on the exciting track but for now, I would just continue to be in awe of Pavitr’s breakout performance in “Across The Spider-Verse” and wait for next issue to see if things get any better. Hey, it can’t get any worse.

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