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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

The Avengers # 1
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 15
Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider # 1
Fantastic Four # 7
The Flash # 799
Guardians of The Galaxy # 2
Hulk Annual # 1
Ice Cream Man # 35
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 6
Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow # 2
Superman # 4
Titans # 1

The Avengers # 1– Earth’s Mightiest Heroes usher in a new era courtesy of Jed Mackay and C.F. Villa. It’s not easy trying to follow Jason Aaron after his monumental five-year run. Mackay (Who’s easily becoming the new Brian Michael Bendis) really brings a ton of energy to this title as he hits the reset button with perfection while giving every character on the roster their time to shine. I really like how Mackay handles the characterization of Carol Danvers with perfection as she’s already growing into her role as team leader and because of that, she’s already becoming a fan favorite (Well, in my eyes at least…); Avengers fans old and new will be blown away by what they experience by reading the first issue plus the ending may shock you, especially for anybody who’s been following Mackay’s work, particularly on “Timeless”. Should anyone pick this up? ABSOLUTELY!; With Mackay and Villa at the helm, the future is indeed bright for The Avengers and after you finished reading this issue, you’ll be glad you joined in for the excitement.

Fantastic Four # 7– The FF celebrates their 700th issue but before anyone breaks out the Modelos and the Spotify playlist, I have to be honest with you when I say that…..I was expecting a lot more from this anniversary issue as The FF takes on Dr. Doom in what could only be one of the weirdest time-traveling stories to date as the former tries his best to undo the FF’s disastrous battle in NYC. Most of the issue has humor and joyful moments that will move you (Get ready to meet Ben Grimm’s Aunt Petunia)
but the time-traveling shenanigans get tiresome after a few pages. It’s like Ryan North needed something big and bold for the FF’s 700th issue so I’m guessing before he sat down to write the script for this issue, he went on YouTube, rented “Timecop” (One of the most enjoyable Jean-Claude Van Damme movies from the 1990s), got some inspiration from it and VOILA…..we get this story! Sad to say, this issue doesn’t go over well at all so I’m going to say this- Save your money ….and your time! The 800th issue should bring out the bells and whistles with fanfare but for this issue…..MEH!!

Hulk Annual # 1– After the hot mess that was Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley’s run (Seriously, Ottley should stick to doing art because his writing is just BLEH!!) this annual is a nice change of pace as a plucky film crew gets together to work on a documentary on none other than…The Hulk! Yes, this concept has been done before in “The Blair Witch Project”, “Cloverfield” and “Chronicle” but this is a Hulk story done from the point of view of a camera lens. The script leaves some room for the action sequences. Yes, someone from the film crew dies (**NO SPOILERS**) but for all its faults such as the pacing and the fact that the concept drags on, it’s still a likable story that bridges the gap from the disastrous Cates/Ottley run while getting ready for Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s run, so be prepared for an annual that feels more like an unnecessary “Cloverfield” sequel rather than a Hulk story. Thank god for PKJ!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 6– Part two of “Carnage Reigns” finds Miles and The Scorpion squaring off against each other to work together to survive the latest onslaught brought on by Carnage and yes, the chemistry that these two possess is entertaining (Think “Tango & Cash” but if it was set in the Marvel Universe) and makes for a great installment to the latest Carnage event and but even if you haven’t read part one of Carnage Reigns, this issue of MM: SM is still enjoyable in its own way so I would recommend this issue just for the high-octane action that is on display and yes, I’m always up for seeing Miles interact with the classic Spid/er-Man villains.

Titans # 1- The Justice League has disbanded due to the events of “Dark Crisis On Infinite Earth”, so now it’s time for the Titans to take their place as the premier superteam for the DC Universe. There’s so much to unpack such as the battle with Titano, the appearance of Peacemaker (No doubt brought in to cause havoc for the team), and the blooming romance between Raven and Beast Boy, Tom Taylor manages to juggle all of these plot threads with ease to where the readers won’t get confused but he also succeeds in bringing these timeless characters together while putting some much-needed emphasis on their stored history that I feel is the heart and soul for this title. Taylor and Nicola Scott prove that they work well as a team but I’m going to see what they have in store with the next few issues because the one positive thing I can say is that at least they’re not recycling any of the storylines Marv Wolfman and George Perez (R.I.P.) perfected decades ago.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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