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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 25
Batman: The Adventures Continues: Season Three # 5
Batman: White Knight Presents Generation Joker # 1
Cosmic Ghost Rider # 3
Daredevil # 11
Extreme Venomverse # 1
Ghost Rider # 14
Invincible Iron Man # 6
Junkyard Joe # 6
Miracleman: The Silver Age # 5
Monarch # 4
Nemesis Reloaded # 5
Nocterra # 14
Rogue & Gambit # 3
Saga # 64
Spider-Gwen: Shadow Clones # 3
Spirit World # 1
Silk # 1
Stargirl: The Lost Children # 6

Amazing Spider-Man # 25– This oversized issue of ASM FINALLY answers some of the questions ever since the first issue went on sale last year to some lukewarm fanfare but after reading the main story (We’re also treated to a backup feature) you’ll want to let out a huge sigh since the creative team desperately wants the readers to play the waiting game (Next issue’s the grand finale); Mary Jane’s relationship with Paul blossoms in an alternate reality (They’ve been there for four years) and the sequence feels like something out of “I Am Legend” than an actual Spider-Man story but things go into high gear when Spidey shows up to take down Rabin; Kaare Andrews handles art chores in the past and WOW!!…. he really brings a ton of energy to his artwork which leaves John Romita Jr. in the dust (Why can’t Andrews handle the art chores on ASM?!? It just baffles me); Overall, this turned out to be an entertaining issue despite the exaggerated hype because that alone will have anyone hanging their heads in shame but let’s pray that the next issue will give us a satisfying
conclusion ……and I hope it’s well worth the wait (Looking at you, Zeb Wells!)

Invincible Iron Man # 6– Hey, remember the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was president, all the good sitcoms captivated television screens, Eddie Murphy was the king of comedy and we got a ton of excellent cartoons on Saturday mornings?! Those were great times! I should point out that Marvel in the 80s was also a great time to be a comic book fan as this issue takes a break from the current arc to present an untold tale of I.M.’s past. I enjoy seeing Tony interact with Emma Frost to where the story of this issue succeeds in moving the current plot along but it’s also an excellent standalone story that will bring a nostalgic factor to an all-time high. My advice?- Buy this issue, then go home, head to either Apple Music or Spotify to hear from 80 pop rock, and enjoy this issue that will take you back to a simpler time…oh yeah, the cover by Kael Ngu is just BREATHTAKING!!

Silk # 1– Cindy Moon returns in all-new series, once again written by Emily Kim and I have to say that it’s a great premise that feels slow at first but gradually picks up the pace after the first few pages; Cindy finds herself trapped in a reality-warped narrative that’s very captivating but it never comes off as predictable (Right off the bat, it looks like Mysterio is orchestrating all of this, but Kim is brilliant enough to not go that route of pure laziness just to sell this story) and the premise is a perfect way for Ig Guara to strut his stuff in the art department because he really knows how to make a dream sequence come alive. Silk fans will go wild with this issue and it’s the perfect jumping-on point for those old-school Spider-Man fans so I would recommend this series just to see what comes next.

Spirit World # 1– From the various one-shots coming out of “Lazarus Planet” this new series gives us the introduction of Xanthe Zhou, who has the ability to travel in both the living and spirit worlds and the story itself moves very smoothly, especially with Batgirl and John Constantine coming on as the co-stars and their presence works well within the confines of Alyssa Wong’s script but I have to say that this is the kind of story that I can get into due to Wong’s creativity and the fact that she can absolutely turn in a script full of suspense and action while infusing her lead character with charm and an abundance of street smarts (It’s not like her “Deadpool” run where she has to force herself to be Ryan Reynolds funny just for the sake of her writing that title); Xanthe is by far a great character that’s been fleshed out by a terrific writer and her interactions with both Batgirl and Constantine are just delightful so with that, this series is the perfect way to kick off the “We Are Legends” line while bringing eyes to an unique yet thrilling series such as this one.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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