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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1054
Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 12
Daredevil # 10
Deadpool # 6
Deep Cuts # 1
Detective Comics # 1071
Doctor Strange # 2
Green Arrow # 1
Harley Quinn # 29
Hulk # 14
Invincible Iron Man # 5
Star Wars: Darth Vader- Black, White & Red # 1
Thor # 33
Unstoppable Doom Patrol # 2
Vanish # 6
Venom: Lethal Protector II # 2

Deep Cuts # 1– This new anthology series, written by Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark with stunning art by Danilo Beyruth, puts on spotlight on Jazz and the impact it has on various musicians; This premier issue introduces us to Charles Stewart, a talented clarinet player living in 1917’s New Orleans finds a mentor in Jack Cartier who takes Charles under his wing but soon enough, we see cracks in their partnership and Jack’s true self comes into play towards the end (**NO SPOILERS**); Yes, it’s a coming of age story and Charles (Who goes by the stage name “Ace”) comes off as a likable character due to his optimistic personality while learning about some of the shadier aspects of the music business. Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark’s script brings out the best in the 1917 setting that takes the beauty of Jazz and brings it alive within Charles’ world to where it comes off as a compelling read from beginning to end but the wonderful creative efforts that are on display here makes this a great anthology series…just remember to put on some Miles Davis or John Coltrane when reading this or any of the future issues.

Green Arrow # 1– The Emerald Archer returns in a new series that reintroduces not only him but his supporting cast in a new and exciting way that only Joshua Williamson can deliver (And he really brings his A-Game to this series, despite it being the first issue); So Oliver Queen is lost in some cosmic limbo after the events of Dark Crisis and needs to find his way back home and yes, this plot element has been done before (many times in fact) but I have to give Williamson his props for freshen up this particular factor that it doesn’t come off as predictable but he also succeeded in catching the readers up to speed in recapping Ollie’s past while guiding him into a great future. Roy Harper, Conner Hawke, and Dinah “Black Canary” Lance get the most screen time in this issue which is by no means a horrible thing but the moments they get are just amazing, especially Roy who gets a special moment that will bring tears of joy (**NO SPOILERS**) to whoever’s reading this. Sean Izaakse’s artwork is still sharp as always due to his glamorous breakdowns and the action sequences are just fun to look at. Yes, it’s not the typical Green Arrow book with the main character not interacting with his loved ones nor is he in Star City so with that, I can totally say that this is not another “Fast & Furious” type of story but with Oliver Queen and his supporting cast making such a huge impact, it’s better that those F&F movies in every way. Welcome Back, Green Arrow!

Star Wars: Darth Vader- Black, White & Red # 1 – Darth Vader gets the Black, White, and Red treatment with three stories that are not only captivating but Star Wars fans will enjoy this. Jason Aaron and Leonard Kirk along with Torunn Gronbekk and Klaus Janson (Who took the time to smooth out his breakdowns in order to elevate Gronbekk’s script) deliver such good stories in their own way while perfecting Vader’s status as an iconic villain, I have to say, it’s the standalone tale by Peach Momoko that is the definite winner due to the nightmarish aspect that she brings to the table. I have to say that while her art will always be breathtaking, it’s great to see Momoko sharpening up her writing skills which I feel that sooner or later she could make a splash as a writer. This new series is not only promising but will leave you wanting more.

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