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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*
Avengers: War Across Time # 3
Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 11
Ghost Rider # 12
Hellcat # 1
Justice Society of America # 3
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 4
Monarch # 2
Nemesis Reloaded # 3
Nocterra # 12
Red Goblin # 2
Hellcat # 1– Patsy Walker gets her own series due to her appearances during Christopher Cantwell’s run on “Iron Man” and this first issue set Patsy on a path of mystery and intrigue that sets the tone for this series. Right away Patsy is a bloody mess, her boyfriend is brutally slain and she’s being questioned by the police but Cantwell does wonders when it comes to looking into Patsy’s life through a series of flashbacks while adding some supernatural elements such as her living in her old house to her mother who haunts it. I like the addition of Sleepwalker as he’s always been an overlooked character within the Marvel Universe so his interactions with Patsy work well given the direction that Cantwell is going for. Patsy Walker getting put through the wringer is very compelling that truly opens up her world while making her personality feel alive and with how this issue played out, it will definitely make anyone love reading a good mystery.
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 4– Miles gets the fight of his life as he faces off with Rabble, the villain whose hatred for Miles has finally reached her breaking point; Rabble’s personality can be cunning and strong-minded but at the same time, it could make for a good argument about her being a villain that could have staying power beyond this arc. Cody Ziglar once again writes Miles as a hero worthy of the Spider-Man mantle and I should add that having Misty Knight as his mentor is still a brilliant touch on Ziglar’s part that really fascinates anyone that enjoys this title. This issue thrives on the frantic energy that leaps off the pages so in conclusion, this is a non-stop ride that should be experienced with such wide-eyed enthusiasm while rotting for the hero of this story.
Red Goblin # 1– Normie Osborn continues to find a way to co-exist with this symbiote, Rascal, but he has to face off against Phil Urich, who’s dubbed himself “The Goblin King” and wants revenge against Norman Osborn himself. I like how the script for this issue puts a strong focus on Normie’s psyche as any Spider-Man fan would know, he;’s never had a normal life so his interactions with Rascal further complicate that and I feel that really helps in making him an interesting character to where the readers are torn between liking him and being turned off by his personality traits. Yes, Normie is very different as a protagonist due to his age but besides that, he could very well be another great hero that could very well win over the readers…even with ‘Osborn’ as his last name.
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