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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 11
Black Adam # 7
Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 4
Deadpool # 3
The Flash # 791
Hulk # 11
Immortal Sergeant # 1
The Invincible Iron Man # 2
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 104
Monkey Prince # 10
New Champion of Shazam # 4
Night Club # 2
Shirtless Bear-Fighter 2 # 6
Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt # 3
Stargirl: The Lost Children # 3
Venom # 15
Wasp # 1

Immortal Sergeant # 1– Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura, reunite for their first series since their critically acclaimed series “I Kill Giants” as they tell the story of James Sergeant, a grizzled detective who’s days away from retirement and gets lucky when he gets a lead on a murder that’s been unsolved for decades; The story itself while charming in its own dysfunctional way moves expeditiously but does a good job in introducing the hero of this series as it has a late 80s vibe to it that makes it appealing. Kelly once again shows what a terrific writer he is due to the engaging wordplay he injects in his scripts and this one is no exception as it shows that he hasn’t lost his touch while adding his own brand of humor into this story and Niimura’s artwork meshes well with the story that Kelly is telling. For anyone who loves gritty cop stories with a comical edge to them, then I would highly recommend Immortal Sergeant.

Invincible Iron Man # 2– Tony Stark’s fall from grace continues after the events of the last issue but even with Ironheart coming to his aid, he has to deal with the threat of The Living Laser (An Iron Man villain that I always felt never got his just due); The team-up between Tony and Riri gave this issue a great lighthearted feel to it but quickly went downhill once Tony found out what became of The Mandarin’s rings (**NO SPOILERS**- I mean, I myself was shocked when I saw then show up); Yes, Tony’s going through some hard times that makes Spider-Man look like Mr. Wonderful but thanks to the creative efforts of Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri, they manage to give the readers hop that nothing bad coming Tony’s way will stay that way but there always a chance he’ll come out on top. This new Iron Man series is still a great read that hits all the right notes of the character that some of us have all grown up with while giving new readers a series that feels like this is what “Iron Man 3” should have been.

Night Club # 2– Danny Garcia, the hero of this series, has a new lease on life now that he’s a vampire so it’s only right for him to share his powers with his best friends Sam and Amy and to me, this feels like an entry from the MCU but spearheaded by Mark Millar as he again brings the energy and fun that makes this series stands out. Amy and Sam enjoying their newfound powers felt like such a rush while reading it and I have to say- who knew a superhero series about vampires could be so amazing? This is basically “Ultimate Spider-Man” meets “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” which shows the joy in watching teenage with superpowers learns about their abilities while doing their best to maintain their normal lives….even if they’re vampires.

Wasp # 1– Al Ewing, along with artist Kasia Nie introduce a new Wasp series that sees Janet Van Dyne visit her stepdaughter, Nadia Van Dyne, the current Wasp while the two come in contact with Whirlwind, a classic Avengers villain who has quite the history with Jan. I enjoy that Ewing has the utmost respect for these both Jan and Nadia as he fleshes them out to be such standout characters that you can not resist their personalities and the bond the two share as stepmother/stepdaughter. Ewing and Nie outdo themselves by paying homage to The Wasp’s legacy while crafting a story that will bring in readers old and new. It’s stylish and enlightening but reminds everyone that The Wasp is one of Marvel’s most enduring characters.

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