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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 17
Avengers: War Across Time # 1
Batman: The Adventures Continue- Season Three # 1
Batman Incorporated # 4
Black Cloak # 1
Black Panther # 13
Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 9
Daredevil # 7
The Flash # 790
Ghost Rider # 10
I Am Batman # 17
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 2
Moon Knight # 19
Nemesis: Reloaded # 1

Avengers: War Across Time # 1– This new series, is brought to us by the incredible team of Paul Levitz (Known for his stellar work at DC) and Alan Davis. Taking place after the team’s battle with the Spider-Man robot sent by Kang The Conquerer it doesn’t take the latter too long for him to send a manic Hulk to take down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes so that alone brings the all-out action to a boil that brings the excitement level up a notch. In his first-ever work for Marvel, Levitz’s writing shows much respect for the Silver age era and for the Marvel Universe in general; From the team’s chemistry with each other to the importance of continuity
this is one of Levitz’s best works since his “Legion of Super-Heroes” run and Alan Davis?! Let’s just say his art gets better with time (It’s no lie) and it’s wonderful that he’s on this project. This is a cool throwback to a great era and the fact that Kang is the main villain in this series makes this greater and a perfect tribute to the history of The Avengers.

Black Cloak # 1– Kelly Thompson, who has written many titles from her long-standing run on “Captain Marvel” to “Deadpool” and “Amazing Spider-Man” makes her Image Comics debut with this new series that’s been described as Blade Runner meets Saga as two Black Cloak detectives, Phaedra and Pax are doing their best to solve a murder of a prince in the city of Kiros before chaos reigns supreme. This was a great mixture of Fantasy and Sci-Fi that will no doubt bring in readers Phaedra and Pax are characters that readers may fall in love with due to Thompson infusing their personalities with such vigor and brilliance it’s hard not to like them. This series is off to a wonderful start with its engaging dialogue and a mystery that’s worth the time to see unfold so I recommend this for anyone who wants to get into a good indie title.

The Flash # 790– This series sets up a new arc called “The One-Minute War” which is sure to turn The Flash’s world upside down. The alien race called The Fraction arrives on earth and every speedster in the DC Universe gets the shock of their lives when the world suddenly comes to a stop so because of that, The Fraction has declared war on earth. For the most part, this issue is a slow-burn as its main purpose is to check in on Wally West and his supporting cast before everything goes haywire but I have to give it up to Jeremy Adams as he slowly builds up the tension similar to the beginning of “Independence Day” and really builds up the arc so that the readers know what will be in store for them and Roger Cruz’s art is extremely zestful and makes him the perfect artist for his particular storyline. This opening arc definitely made an impact on the characters, particularly Barry Allen (**NO SPOILERS**) and with that, it’s going to be an off-the-wall, no holds barred battle between The Flash and The Friction….and just think, it will only last one minute!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 2– In this issue, we get to see Miles team up with his new mentor, Misty Knight which I feel is a terrific breath of fresh air since Peter Parker has always had the role for quite some time but now, I think it’s time that aspect should be put on the shelf but so far, the Miles/Misty concept is just sensational that will make everyone want more team-ups between these two. Miles wrestling with his personal life and his time as Spidey is engaging thanks to Cody Ziglar adding in some depth and humor that makes this a true coming-of-age arc for our hero but Ziglar really has a firm grasp on Miles to where he can tell the best stories that he has in mind without making the character feel overrated but instead celebrated. Two issues in and another appearance by The Scorpion this is by far another intriguing moment in the life of Miles Morales and once again, proves that he does deserve to be Spider-Man.

Nemesis: Reloaded # 1– Back in 2010, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven raised this question -“What If Batman was The Joker?” and to our surprise, they delivered that question in spades as Nemesis is brutal, cold, and calculating, and yes, the fans that read the original series actually cheered for his actions (As horrible as they were); Fast forward to twenty-two years later and Millar gives us a soft reboot for both fans old and new and right away, the opening issue picks up right where the first series left off as Nemesis wrecks havoc on the streets of Los Angeles, taking out criminals and police officers; There’s no rhyme nor reason to Nemesis’ actions but he’s getting joy in making people feel nervous yet scared with this actions. Millar definitely raises the bar with his script as the series is loud, brash, and bloody which reminds us how the evil that Nemesis brings to the table. Jorge Jimenez’s art is simply breathtaking and given the subject matter, he manages to produce some spectacular work that stands the test of time. Nemesis: Reloaded is unapologetic when it comes to the amount of violence that’s been presented in this issue, but if you want a series that takes the anti-hero concept to such bloody and twisted measures then this series is for you.

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