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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1050
Amazing Spider-Man # 16
Batman Beyond The White Knight # 7
Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 8
Detective Comics # 1067
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II # 1
Miracleman: The Silver Age # 3
Moon Knight # 18
She-Hulk # 9
Tales From Earth-6: A Celebration Of Stan Lee # 1
Venom # 14
X-Terminators # 4

Action Comics # 1050– If you ever wanted to witness the ultimate Superman/Lex Luthor showdown, then this issue is definitely for you! Yes, it’s great to see Lex back in a more villainous role that I feel really defines him instead of being the corrupt businessman during the post-Crisis era. The battle between Superman and Luthor was a no-holds-barred event that became very personal; as Phillip Kennedy Johnson, along with Joshua Willamson and Tom Taylor, delivered the goods on a story that could have had a lackluster feel to it but instead turns the focus on Lex’s never-ending hatred for Superman while the latter is still the hero that we need. This issue also brings back Superman’s secret identity as well as establishes a new one for Jon Kent (**NO SPOILERS**); Johnson, Taylor, and Williamson forge a new path for the Man of Steel that fans will enjoy in the months ahead with some previews of the new storylines that will make anyone proud to be a Superman fan.

Amazing Spider-Man # 16– The Dark Web saga is in full swing as Spidey takes on Chasm and yes, this is one of the most action-packed issues to come out of this crossover. Zeb Wells and Ed McGuinness provide such swift and neck-breaking action that not only takes up a big bulk of the issue but gives the readers a true glimpse of the disdain that Ben Reilly has for Peter Parker that will affect their history for the worst. While I feel that Zeb Wells’ script is captivating, it’s the art by Ed McGuinness that really brings the heat as his visuals are jam-packed with such versatility and power to the point that it looks like he’s been a Spider-Man artist for decades. As long as Wells and McGuinness (I’m hoping he stays on for just a few more issues) continue bringing such pulse-pounding measures into stories like this one, the Dark Web tie-in issues of ASM will not look like filler material.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II # 1– The Power Rangers and The Ninja Turtles reunite for another epic crossover that is sure to delight fans of these two iconic franchises; This time around, Casey Jones gets tossed in the mix and his actions set off a chain on events that prove deadly for both groups with Goldar and Rocksteady teaming up to break Baxter Stockman out of jail and let’s just say that Casey gets an extreme makeover that spells disaster (**NO SPOILERS**); Ryan Parrott once again outdoes himself with his script that the energy he brought to the first series carries over to this one with ease, and Dan Mora has shown how he’s one of the best artists in the comics industry with his attention to detail and how his action sequences are just sensational! It’s been said that lightning never strikes twice but in this case, it not only struck but it made quite the impact that will keep the fans mesmerized. Even better than the first.

Miracleman: The Silver Age # 3– In 1993, Miracleman # 24 was ready to come out and continue The Silver Age arc but after Eclipse Comics went bankrupt and the Miracleman rights were in complete limbo, Marvel brought back Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham to finish their story and how, after twenty-nine years later, the forgotten chapter of The Silver Age is finally upon us and I have to say- IT’S ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT! Young Miracleman meeting up with a group of eccentrics in the Himalayan mountains while being haunted by nightmares involving Johnny Bates (Kid Miracleman) is a story worth waiting for. While Miracleman himself is absent (Rightfully so if anyone read issue # 23 of the original series or issue # 2 of The Silver Age) Dickie Dauntless’ quest to find any meaning in the new world he’s in is very intriguing but it never gets dull and Gaiman makes sure of it as his character study of Dicky and his newfound friends is extremely captivating while Buckingham’s artwork is still gorgeous due to the layers of structure that he adds in. Young Miracleman’s story is finally presented in all its glory and like anyone who’s now excited for the payoff, seeing where Dicky Dauntless goes next is something I’m looking forward to.

Tales From Earth-6: A Celebration Of Stan Lee # 1– Back in 2001, DC brought in Stan “The Man” Lee to come in and reinvent their most popular heroes so now, on what would have been Stan’s 100th birthday, DC honors the legend himself by returning to those characters that may have been forgotten until now. Right away the creative teams for this special really did a wonderful job of honoring Stan’s creations, From Michael Uslan and Lee Weeks’ Batman story to Mark Waid and Kevin Maguire teaming up for Superman to Jerry Ordway revisiting the Justice League of America, this is a special that not only brings the nostalgia factor in full effect but shows enough love and respect for the ingenuity that Stan brought to the table when he was crafting the stories for these characters many years ago. This was by far one of Stan Lee’s most well-known projects that were met with some mixed reviews but after you read this special, there’s a good chance you may find yourself going back to re-read the original stories with a huge ounce of wonder and excitement. Happy Birthday, Stan.

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