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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Avengers # 63
Batman # 130
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty # 7
Daredevil # 6
Dark Web # 1
Do A Powerbomb! # 7
Fantastic Four # 2
Ghost Rider # 9
Monkey Prince # 9
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 1
Nocterra Special Val # 1
Spider-Man # 3
Thor # 29
Undiscovered Country # 22
X-Treme X-Men # 1

Batman # 130– This issue delivers the finale to “Failsafe” and while I was expecting a thrilling conclusion to this arc, somehow it just fell flat towards the end (**NO SPOILERS**); Even thought we got some cool moments such as Batman devising a plan to get back to earth after being stranded in space to Superman donning a battle armor to battle Failsafe, it felt like Chip Zdarsky had everything in order to at least continue the arc for another few issues but while I take solace in the fact that the past few issues were great, everything fell apart with the conclusion but let’s hope that something good will come out of the next issue.

Fantastic Four # 2 – The spotlight falls on both Reed and Susan Richards as their getaway is interrupted as they face a small town full of Doombots……that’s right, Doombots! This story mixes Sci-Fi with aspects of horror for a great result but it also gives a huge emphasis on the fact that Dr. Doom is still one of the FF’s deadliest villains so his influence is heavily featured throughout this issue but at the center of it, the bond that both Reed and Sue share is still strong and intact which gives this story the heartwarming factor that helps in not letting things go off the rails. While the new direction of this new FF series may take some time to get used to, no matter what, it still feels like an FF story that takes the familiar elements and freshens them up for a new audience.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 1– Miles Morales returns with his old costume intact (There is a god) and a new beginning by the new creative team of Cody Ziglar and Federico Vincentini. Right away we get a true return to greatness as Miles goes back to his roots as “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 6.0” so to speak but this is without a doubt an excellent read; From Miles’ battle with The Scorpion to dealing with the everyday drama in his life outside of Spider-Man, it really feels like Ziglar is channeling Stan Lee (Happy 100th Birthday, Sir) but adding his own flair and influence that makes this enjoyable while reintroducing Miles as a real likable character. I should also point out that Federico Vincentini’s artwork is dynamic as the details he adds feels so vivid which will remind everyone why he’s one of Marvel’s rising stars. For anyone who’s not exactly loving the direction of “Amazing Spider-Man”, then this title is a refreshing alternative for anyone who wants to relish a classic Spider-Man story with a modern-day setting.

X-Treme X-Men # 1– Chris Claremont, known to many comic fans as the true godfather of writing X-Men stories, returns to the title that he helped made famous back in the mid-2000s and with Salvador Larocca in the mix, it feels like both gentlemen never stopped working on this title. Yes, Claremont goes dialogue crazy but he never goes overboard and Larroca’s art is still beautiful which will definitely draw in readers new and old. The story of Kitty Pryde is under attack thanks to her old enemy Ogum is what brings the band back together as Claremont succeeds in catching the readers up to speed but also shows the dynamic between the members which is a good reminder of why he’s such a master storyteller. This issue is off to a great start and X-Men fans will appreciate seeing Claremont back but will also love the fact that this story is a great blast from the past and the perfect way to escape from the Krakoa era for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the current stories.

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