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Blue Beetle: Graduation Day # 1
Captain America: Symbol Of Truth # 7
Detective Comics 2022 Annual # 1
Justice Society Of America # 1
Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker # 1
X-Terminators # 1

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day # 1 – Jaime Reyes begins the next step in his journey in this new six-issue series that will bear witness to his strengths as well as see him grow up. Our hero almost missed his graduation due to his fighting a local villain to having his connection with Khaji Da, the scrab, get completely messed up (I definitely feel like these two factors remind me so much of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Spider-Man 2” respectively it’s just crazy to me but whoever catches that and enjoys it, it’s all good!) and what I really liked about this series is how everything feels so authentic, from the Mexican culture being represented with grace and dignity along with the use of Spanglish will put a smile on anyone’s face and yes, it was great to see Brenda and Paco back in the fold as the two of them are so important to Jaime’s life. Josh Trujillo has crafted a story that brings the spirit of “Ultimate Spider-Man” alive which I think makes this series feel special and Adrian Gutierrez’s artwork has a slight Humberto Ramos influence to it but is vibrant enough to make a huge impact for this series. After the lukewarm relaunches Jamie received during The New 52 and Rebirth eras, it’s about time Blue Beetle got a series that give him his flowers and charts on a new adventure that’s destined to change his life for the better so take a bow, misters Trujillo and Gutierrez. Oh yeah, Superman eating an Elote!- How cool is that?!

Justice Society Of America # 1– Ever since their blockbuster return in “Doomsday Clock”, it seems like the DC Universe needs the JSA now more than ever so imagine my surprise when DC announced their return with a new monthly, and lo and behold, it’s a good read! The use of Helena Wayne aka The Huntress, who was the daughter of Bruce Wayne from Earth-2 (The Post-Crisis version has been on the shelf for years); It mixes action, mystery, and suspense that only Geoff Johns can bring to the table since he’s been DC’s go-to guy when it comes to building the JSA to greatness is something he hasn’t lost but for this first issue, it gets off to a rough start, to say the least. The fact that the “new” JSA is made up of reformed villains and Dr. Fate being murdered makes for good plot threads that are being explored here since they’re being followed up from the pages of “Flashpoint Beyond” but the time-travel aspect seems to be thrown in for good measure and the way the opening sequences are utilized feels so confusing like Johns took a page out of the Tom King playbook of screenwriting (Which is nothing to brag about); This issue is entertaining for the most part, but now that Johns got this reintroduction of DC’s most iconic teams out of the way, hopefully, he’ll bring his A-Game to great effect.

Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker # 1– Greg Pak returns to the world-building saga that made him a household name among comic book fans but also succeeded in reinvigorating the Hulk to total greatness. On the planet Saakar, a thousand years from now a woman is looking for a Hulk so that he could help free her brother from a group of apocalyptic cultists really blew me away as it was a great move on Pak’s part to focus part of this issue on Saakar years into the future and the second story, which pairs up Skaar the Son of Hulk with his aunt, The Sensational She-Hulk and how he’s trying to find where he fits in; I love how this backup feature introduces a lost creature from Saakar into the mix and the fact that She-Hulk was used is a great way to further strengthen The Hulk Family which is another smart move on Pak’s part. Speaking of Greg Pak, I was telling my friend JS Roman about how I feel that only two writers are capable of writing such wonderful Hulk Stories besides Stan Lee- Bill Mantlo, and Peter David. After the original “Planet Hulk” as well as the “World War Hulk”, Greg Pak is back to writing a new Hulk story always a good thing, and with this series kicking off, it’s highly recommended for anyone who loves what Pak did during his long association with the jade giant. The only thing is, I just wish Pak would take another turn at writing the monthly title.

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