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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1049
Amazing Spider-Man # 14
Daredevil # 5
Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 2
Detective Comics # 1066
Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel # 5
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 102
Miracleman: The Silver Age # 2
Vanish # 3

Amazing Spider-Man # 14– Ben Reilly, who now goes by the name Chasm, is back and ready to reclaim the memories that were erased by The Beyond Corporation only this time, he’s found a new partner in crime so to speak in Madeline Pryor aka The Goblin Queen! This issue tells the road to Ben’s dark journey into four parts: First, “Spring” as illustrated by Michael Dowling, “Summer” by Kyle Hotz, “Fall” by Terry and Rachel Dodson, and “Winter” by Ryan Stegman, Tim Townsend, and JP Mayer. I like how this issue has a nice flow where you can follow the story with ease as well as the fact that it 100% focuses on Ben; Me being a Ben Reilly fan, it’s a little thought to see a Spider-Man you grew up with head to a dark side but after reading this issue my worries quickly disappeared as Zeb Wells does a good job of establishing Ben’s new status quo while still finding a way to remind the readers what an amazing (no pun indented) character he is, and wait until you find out who the identity of the new villain called Hallow’s Eve (**NO SPOILERS**) and to be quite honest, Hallow’s Eve looks so much like a female Hobgoblin but with so much hype surrounding this character, I hope she doesn’t end up being a Hobgoblin copycat; This latest issue of ASM succeeds in setting up the upcoming “Dark Web” crossover with The X-Men while once again making Ben Reilly a compelling character and I’m hoping somewhere down the road Ben’s story will get a happy ending.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 102– Rita Repulsa has transformed into Mistress Vile (named after her father Master Vile) so The Rangers have their work cut out for them as they deal with this new threat. Melissa Flores continues to map out this new era for the MMPR in a way that doesn’t feel like the 90s show while the new direction for Rita is a huge reason why longtime PR fans should not overlook her. This is a very solid issue that will solidify Flores as one of the most innovative and talented PR writers while staying true to the characters that many people grew up watching.

Miracleman: The Silver Age # 2- Miracleman # 24 gets remastered with all the bells and whistles attached to it and it feels like only yesterday that I got done reading this issue (I actually started reading Miracleman back in 2009/2010 shorty after Marvel got the rights from Mick Anglo); Seeing Young Miracleman trying to accept the new world he’s in while maintaining his innocence was a perfect way to reintroduce him when the actual title was coming out back in 1994; Neil Gaiman proved that he could take all the elements that Alan Moore introduced as deliver something unique and special. Mark Buckingham’s artwork still looks breathtakingly amazing that shows all of the nuances of the characters as well as the settings. Me, I’m definitely looking forward to finally seeing the next chapter of The Silver Age as only Gaiman and Buckingham can present it, and even though it took about twenty-seven years to come out, I think it’s going to be worth the wait.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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