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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 8
Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 1
The Flash # 787
Miracleman: The Silver Age # 1
The Silver Coin # 15
Thor # 28

Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man # 1– This new series, brought to you by the creative team of B. Earl and Taboo (of The Black Eyed Peas fame) and Juan Ferreyra, serves up an interesting yet chilling tale about everyone’s favorite Wall-Crawler. This issue opens up with Peter Parker temporarily living in Los Angeles, on assignment for Oscorp. There he comes across a mystifying object that plays havoc with his perception of reality and with that, this series gives us the feeling that Spidey just landed in a horror movie full of intrigue and just a slight pinch of all-out horror. Earl and Taboo do a wonderful job of showing Spidey out of his element during his time in L.A. which really helps in drawing in the readers, especially since we get to see Spidey take on a sporadic grizzly bear all while having such bizarre dreams that may or may not be linked to the object that he looked into. This series is a great way in celebrating Halloween and I should say that seeing one of my favorite heroes in the City of Angels gives this story another unique charm that goes well with the George Romero/Stephen King aspects which will go over very well with the horror audience.

The Flash # 787– The Flash gets involved in an intergalactic pro-wrestling match that makes its way to earth. As I was reading this, I love seeing professional wrestling being used in a more conventional yet odd way, especially since it’s being displayed within the DC Universe; The fact that this was extremely fun and silly for the most part (Most pro wrestling leans towards that)
made it that much more enjoyable and is a complete breath of fresh air considering this title had to endure plenty of tie-ins for “Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths”; Seeing Flash mix it up with some pro-wrestlers from another galaxy is brilliant, hilarious, and never cuts back on the action but embraces it to tell a good story, which I feel like this is another prime example of professional wrestling getting the props in the world of comics.

Miracleman: The Silver Age # 1– Back in 1994, the team of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham, well into their run on Miracleman introduced their three-part saga, with the first one entitled “The Silver Age” that would have brought Young Miracleman back into the fold…..but then, after two issues were released, Eclipse Comics, the publisher that put out the series went bankrupt and issue # 25 never came out. Fast forward to twenty-seven years later, Marvel got the rights from creator Mick Anglo and the rest is history. This issue finds Dicky Dauntless aka Young Miracleman waking up and finding that everything he remembered in the 1960s is something that came straight out of a comic book (No Fooling! And I always wanted to use that line) while coming to grips with the way that Miracleman and co. have changed the world. Despite the fact that it’s been decades since The Silver Age kicked off, Gaiman and Buckingham haven’t lost a step and while this issue may feel like a remixed version of issue # 24, its presence is certainly welcomed with open arms after all these years but also gearing up to see Miracelman’s story conclude so that we can hopefully see the character folded into the Marvel Universe.

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