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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1047
Amazing Spider-Man # 10
Batman Beyond The White Knight # 5
Captain America: Symbol Of Truth # 5
Detective Comics # 1064
Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel # 3
Redman # 4
Thor # 27

Action Comics # 1047– Yes, Superman’s back on earth after the events on Warworld and ready to face another never-ending battle. While Jon Kent did his best to fill his father’s shoes in his absence, seeing Kal-El back is something truly exciting. Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s script hits the right notes when it comes to Superman and his allies wanting to make Metropolis the city of tomorrow as well as seeing the first step of revamping Metallo (which PKJ promises will be quite shocking to the readers) but seeing Lex Luthor threw in the mix also helps the dynamics of this titles feel like a Superman story for the first time in ages. Ricardo Federici’s artwork strikes a great balance of displaying the emotions of the characters that truly show them at their best, thereby making this his best work to date. Superman’s return ushers in a new era of Action as it builds up to the next epic storyline that gives The Man of Steel his flowers while leaving us wanting more of Kal-El’s return.

Amazing Spider-Man # 10– Marvel loves their crossovers which help them conquer the summer (Or so they think) while it leads into the fall season. This A.X.E. (Avengers/X-Men/Eternals): Judgement Day tie-in of ASM feels very lackluster but I can’t really blame Zeb Wells’ script but the editorial department for giving us something so blah! The premise of A.X.E. focuses on the awakening of the ancient Celestial who goes by The Progenitor who gives humanity just one day to give a reason for their existence to see if they’re worthy or unworthy; Gwen Stacy is the judge in Peter Parker’s case but doesn’t let the John Romita Jr. cover fool you, it’s not the reunion that fans have been dreaming of as this version of Gwen really makes Peter feel uncomfortable and out-of-character that really makes this story feel even more awkward but Wells does a great job with what he has to work with. Nick Dragotta’s artwork doesn’t bring the bundle of energy that the readers are used to but it looks like he’s channeling a New Yorker cartoonist that’s strung out from missing his deadlines. Such a shame! This issue of ASM failed to deliver a proper Peter/Gwen reunion in the midst of their latest crossover but something tells me that this story should have had its own tie-in comic instead of occupying an ASM issue. Although there are some good factors that outweigh the bad, it’s best to pretend this story never existed.

Redman # 4– This issue gives us a battle with a Kaiju from Loch Ness called Zaurs, who debuted in an old episode of Redman’s show and is a well-known enemy of the Kaiju Hunter. Just like the past three episodes, the action speaks louder than the dialogue as the latter is left out completely in favor of the visual side to carry the story (The sounds effects are added with brilliance) which Is ingenious but it never comes across as tiring but leaves much to the imagination. Another great story that continues to leave a huge impression but it also brings in new fans to the adventures of Redman, The Kaiju Hunter will enhance his popularity to great heights.

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