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Action Comics # 1 (Facsimile Edition)
Amazing Spider-Man # 9
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 7
Creepshow # 1
Daredevil # 3
The Flash # 786
Ice Cream Man # 32
Radiant Black # 18
Shirtless Bear-Fighter 2 # 2
Vanish # 1
X-Terminators # 1

Action Comics # 1 (Facsimile Edition) – While some of us may not get the chance to own the real deal (Let alone hold a copy like some people had the fortunate chance to) this is still a magnificent piece of history that everyone should get the chance to own; The other stories featured in this issue are quite entertaining but the first appearance of Superman will keep you captivated. For anyone who loves DC comics or just wants something to add to your Pop Culture collection, this Facsimile Edition of Action is a treasure worth owning…… replica or not.

Amazing Spider-Man # 9– If you manage to see the cover then you know that Spidey and Wolverine are teaming up again! and it’s such a blast when these two get together because you just know you’re about to get a gut-punching story full of action and back and forth banter that makes anyone wish the two of them would get their own series (Marvel would only consider it for one reason- $$$$); Logan and Spidey once again make for a good team when Moira MacTaggert tries to mind-control Mary Jane Watson so this issue is filled with back-to-back action not to mention the chemistry that Spidey shares with Logan which truly brings out the best in each of them so you can always look forward to that; It’s such a joy to see Patrick Gleason back on art as his style fits perfectly with the tone of Zeb Wells’ script. I should also point out that it’s more polished than John Romita Jr.’s art (Shame Gleason isn’t the regular penciler of ASM); This issue of ASM delivers a great Spider-Man/Wolverine crossover that will leave the readers in awe while giving the readers a break from this title’s regular story arc.

Creepshow # 1– Fans of true Horror can rejoice! Image Comics has given us the perfect gift- A Creepshow series and WOW!!…. This first issue really came out the gate with two great stories that invoke the spirit of the 1982 movie as well as the 1987 sequel (Stay away from the poorly, low-budget 2006 movie- It’s No Bueno!); Chris Burham writes and illustrates the lead story that sees three trick-or-treaters who mess with the wrong house by not taking one candy bar (Apparently the owner left a bowl with the normal candy bars, not those bite-sized ones) and are shown the error of their ways in a bloody fashion; Finally, Paul Dini and John McCrea team-up for a story that introduces the readers to Shingo, a birthday clown with a sensational appetite (You got to see how hungry he really is); Both stories brought out the horror factor that didn’t feel so corny nor campy but what I found the most impressing is Burham, Dini, and McCrea really did justice to this issue while paying homage to the brilliant works of Stephen King and George A. Romero. While most horror fans will say that “Tales From The Darkside: The Movie” is the real Creepshow 3 but this series, with the first issue already out as well as the new series on Shudder, has definitely made its claim of continuing the top quality of this franchise while bringing something new to the table.

Vanish # 1– Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, who brought Venom to great heights during their time at Marvel have reunited for a new series that feels like “Spawn” if it was conceived by Alan Moore. We’re introduced to Oliver Harrison who was a mythical hero to took on the most brutal threats during his heyday….but then he became mentally unstable and paranoid; he also tends to get drunk to escape his nightmares but it isn’t until the arrival of a team called The Prestige that forced him to prove that he hasn’t fully descended into total madness. The fact that this series has already taken the concepts of sorcery and magical worlds and then added in superheroes for good measure finds both Cates and Stegman in their element as it feels like a slight continuation of their “Venom” run and at the same time, brings back the 90s era of Image that doesn’t feel like the readers should buy this series just so the publisher nor the creators can make a quick buck but with a talented storyteller like Cates on board, you know you’re about to get a thrill-ride of a story while getting the full scope of a superhero story that most fans of independent comics will enjoy.

X-Terminators # 1– Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez revive an old X-Men spinoff from the last 80s that feels so light-hearted one might think that it was from the 1990s; Jubliee (One of the X-Men that isn’t popular thanks in part to the 90s animated series) and Boom-Boom decide to be a friend to Dazzler since she broke up with her boyfriend because of his cheating ways by hitting the town and the bars. Suddenly, Dazzler’s now ex-boyfriend shows up, spikes their drinks, and the ladies now find themselves in a death trap that they have to escape from; My take on this series is that it felt too much like “Rough Night” (I guess that makes Dazzler Scarlett Johansson?!) with some “Rick And Morty” components added in just for the heck of it. Those comparisons alone don’t detract from the action nor the crude humor that Williams is going for (The first page of this issue literally carries a “Mature Audiences Only” logo to prepare the readers for what they’re getting into); Carlos Gomez is the true MVP of this series due to his lavish artwork that brings out the best in the ladies that doesn’t make them feel like they’re eye candy but true X-Men in every sense. At a time when we need some much-needed fun in the X-titles, I’m glad to see that X-Terminators is making sure we get a box-office-style story that not only revels in its crudeness but takes pleasure in doing so.
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