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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman Vs. Robin # 1
Do A Powerbomb! # 4
I Am Batman # 12
Jurassic League # 5
The Silver Coin # 14

Batman Vs. Robin # 1– Bruce Wayne and his Son Damien (Who’s mother happened to be Talia al Ghul) may have had their ups and downs but this limited series will shake their complicated father/son relationship and shake it to the core. Spinning out of the events of “The Shadow War” and “Batman/Superman: World’s Finest”, Damien is in the clutches of the Deamon Nezha and right away engages in battle with Batman while having to deal with the return of an old friend (**NO SPOILERS**); The team of Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar pull no punches when it comes to delivering a story that finds the Dynamic Duo at odds and all the shocks and twists will leave you absolutely speechless, to say the least. What I found refreshing is that this may well well be the first Batman/Damien Wayne story that doesn’t have Ra’s al Ghul as the mastermind behind everything but leaves the readers with more questions than answers but while Waid is one of the most brilliant storytellers in comics, using this series as a way to make Damien Wayne likable is an uphill challenge but I can’t ignore the fact that this series is about to get very interesting.

Do a Powerbomb # 4– This series is still a blast to read and gives us a true representation of real pro wrestling. Sun and Steel make a great tag team as they continue to dominate the Deathlyte tournament with precision but I also enjoyed the montage and extremely colorful aspects that make this series feel like a show straight out of Adult Swim with some Anime influences that help in making it stand out amongst the other titles that Image puts out. The emotional factor sets in with a bang when Sun and Steel find out the identity of one-half of the tag team known as “Puropack” (**NO SPOILERS**) and with all the surprises coming in hard and fast, this is a series that everyone should be reading with an open mind, as well as enjoying pro wrestling with a slight edge.

The Silver Coin # 14-Whoever gets the coin suffers the most horrific fate known to man, so imagine if someone came into possession of said coin during the worst period in history- The COVID-19 pandemic; Lauren (An actress) and her boyfriend Darren (A screenwriter) find their relationship crumbling during the quarantine back in 2020. The Silver Coin then comes into play….and everything goes straight to hell! Seeing Lauren and Darren struggle to be together while the latter goes insane really ramps up the drama but at the same time, the COVID backdrop really helps enhance the story because I feel like everyone who was going through that difficult time would tell you how stressed they would be. Another great issue that serves up another shocking conclusion but makes you wonder if a situation would turn out the same without The Silver Coin.

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