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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

All-Out Avengers # 1
Batman # 127
Black Adam: The Justice Society Files- Atom Smasher # 1
Black Panther # 9
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty # 4
Ghost Rider # 4
Moon Knight # 15
The New Champion Of Shazam # 2
New Fantastic Four # 4
She-Hulk # 6
Trailer Park Boys: In The Gutters (One-Shot)

Batman # 127– The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, the backup personality of Bruce Wayne reemerges to take on Failsafe and I’m just blown away by the action and high-stakes mentality that Zdarsky has added to this issue as you can just feel the intensity that radiates throughout the story. The use of Zur-Eh-Arrh gave it a distinctive look that once again showcases another layer of Batman’s history (Zur-En-Arrh originally appeared during the Silver Age era) that we barely get to see so I like how there’s an element of fun amongst the havoc caused by Failsafe. If you’re not checking out Batman, then now’s a perfect time. The Catwoman backup feature comes to an end without little fanfare but let’s hope most of Selina’s stories stay within her own series.

Ghost Rider # 6– Ghost Rider vs. Wolverine! If you’re about to read this issue then this is the right time to break out a bottle of Surge or any flavor of Shasta, some CDs (Possibly some Megadeth, Pearl Jam, or Cypress Hill), and enjoy this issue as it will take you back to the 90s when these two iconic characters (Along with The Punisher) were at the height of their fame during that decade and this issue will remind anyone of that. Most of the issue sees Logan trying to extract a demon-like entity that’s causing trouble for Johnny Blaze so I like how this sequence felt like something out of an 80s road movie if it was based on a Stephen King story. Brent Peeples artwork continues this series’ trend of displaying horror and angst with such amazement while doing an excellent job of filling in for Cory Smith. This laters off of GR may transport you back in the 90s but will also leave you shocked with awe due to the bone-chilling factors that Ben Percy brings to the table with each issue.

The New Champion of Shazam # 2– Mary Bromfield has a lot on her plate in this second issue of this wonderful series. So far, she’s had to abandon her dream school, take over as the caretaker for her siblings, and her foster parents have gone missing…..I almost forgot, she also has to come to terms with taking on the mantle of Shazam which isn’t easy since she had to go up against a dragon (Evan Shaner can draw such beautiful action sequences as he does it with such ease) so yeah, Mary’s not having the greatest time. After two issues, Josie Campbell really knows how to write Mary Bromfield as she details how Mary is doing her best to find her own way while living up to Billy Batson’s reputation (and getting out of his shadow); I’m sure some people were skeptical of Mary becoming Shazam but her journey is just getting interesting and the fact that this series is only four issues is an injustice because there’s more to Mary’s story that needs to be explored but so far it’s a hit.

Trailer Park Boys: In The Gutters (One-Shot)- Devil’s Due Comics once again gives us another TPB one-shot that features a compilation of short stories based on the hit series. Now I got to warn everyone, when you read this issue- Be prepared to LAUGH!! All the stories presented here are hilarious and may make to want to go to Netflix to watch the series (as well as the animated series); Stories such as the guys trying to stop Gentrification as a woman named Jennifer moves into Sunnyvale in a dollhouse (Not making this up), The origin of how Julian neer spills his drink (This should have been made into an episode), and Ricky moving into a trailer that’s being haunted by the trailer’s last owner who’s a lifelong porn addict (No fooling) this is a special that keeps on giving because TPB fans everywhere will keep them occupied until we get another live TPB installment.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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