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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1046
Amazing Spider-Man # 8
Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 4
Detective Comics # 27 (Facsimile Edition)
Detective Comics # 1063
Fantastic Four # 46
Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel # 2
Radiant Black # 17

Action Comics # 1046– The finale of “Warworld Revolution” is fast approaching and this is one of the most (No pun intended) action-packed stories that shows Superman at his best; The Frank Frazetta meets John Carter influence is an excellent touch that really gives this issue a boost as it races towards the end of Superman and The Authority’s time on Warworld but not before something lethal comes into play, and yes, it definitely happens in the ending of the issue’s main story (**NO SPOILERS**); The second feature with Steel, Superboy, Supergirl, Super-Man (Kong Kenan), and Jon Kent Superman facing off with Conduit helped balance out the havoc on Warworld and I really enjoy seeing all these characters back in the limelight. Phillip Kennedy Johnson has truly energized Superman and his supporting characters with much sensationalism to where his adventures will never get stale or uninterested. “Warworld Revolution” really gave us a different side of Kal-El, but now that it’s almost ending it’s time to look forward to the next exciting chapter of The Man of Steel with much anticipation.

Amazing Spider-Man # 8– Picking up from the previous issue, Spider-Man’s fight with the Vulture is extremely brutal and almost leaves him for dead…….until Norman Osborn comes to the rescue (Well, he didn’t at first but he came through believe it or not) and this is when we get the first glimpse of Spidey’s new costume (Yes, he’s got his own glider); I should point out that this has been done before (From Dan Slott’s run) so I don’t really feel that excited about it but this premise has definite promise, especially Spidey’s newfound “friendship” with Osborn (Still can’t get over that) that could win over fans because of the fascinating aspects that Zeb Wells is introducing which will continue to get more eyes on ASM and the new plot elements are making this series exciting once again.

Detective Comics # 27 (Facsimile Edition)- I have to confess, this is the only time I got to hold a copy of this issue and I enjoyed the first appearance of Batman as well as the other strips (“Flatfoot Flannigan” and “Plain Clothes Pete” are hilarious) but it’s very shocking that DC didn’t censor most of these stories which are very brave of them especially when social media or anyone who wants to make an uproar about it, but all things aside this is a nice piece of comics history that anyone should own, but when you read some of the stories presented here, just take them with a grain of salt.

Fantastic Four # 48– Dan Slott wraps up his five-year run on The World’s Greatest Comics Magazine with a special occasion- Reed Richards meeting his long-lost half-sister at last! I thought this was a wonderful issue filled with everything that makes you love the FF from exploring the unknown to Reed getting more reacquainted with his sister; Slott takes the time to take most of the plot threads from his run and bring them to a close but part of me feels like Slott could have stayed on the book for another year to develop Joanna Jeffers so that she can integrate herself into the Richards’ family with ease but while this could be the last time we see her, this is a great way to end a run so thanks to Mr. Slott for bringing back Marvel’s first family to the forefront all while reminding the readers why they’re extremely special.

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