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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 7
Avengers # 59
Black Panther # 8
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty # 3
Ghost Rider: Vengence Forever # 1
Giant-Size Gwen Stacy # 1
I Am Batman # 12
Jurassic League # 4
Venom: Lethal Protector # 5

Amazing Spider-Man # 7– This series kicks off with a new arc that features the return of The Vulture who is out to destroy Spidey after his granddaughter found out about his murderous past meanwhile, Peter meets up with Norman Osborn for a new position at Oscorp (You have to see it to believe it); I mean it’s is just crazy- Peter Parker and Norman Osborn working side-by-side?!? It may get some riled up, but I tend to look at it from a positive side as I feel like it could be a new factor in Spider-Man’s life that may or may not bring back the classic conflict between these two. Seeing Mary Jane as Oscorp is a nice touch on Zeb Wells’ part as it adds to Peter’s suspicions about Norman as his intentions and the Spider-Man/Vulture battle is extremely brutal and results in a cliffhanger. After the intensity of the opening arc, this new storyline is indeed a nice change of pace that brings back the excitement while adding another layer of drama and suspense when it comes to the life of Spider-Man.

Ghost Rider: Vengence Forever # 1– Marvel decides to give The Spirit of Vengence his flowers in this special which is a creepy yet frightening tribute that really brings out the best in G.R.; It’s got a “Heavy Metal” vibe to it that fans will appreciate but Benjamin Percy really bring his A-Game to this special as I enjoyed the use of past Ghost Riders such as Vengence and Ghost Rider 2099 not to mention Robbie Reyes making an appearance outside of “Avengers”; This is indeed a rare moment for Ghost Rider fans that really celebrates the character with respect and leaves us with these three words- Vengence Is Forever!

Giant-Size Gwen Stacy # 1– Christos Gage and Todd Nauck’s Gwen Stacy series returns after a brief hiatus due to the COVID pandemic, so the last two issues (It’s a five-issue limited series) get jampacked with the previous three issues to make it giant-sized; Before Gwen met Peter Parker, this series explores her high school days at Standard High, along with her BFF Harry Osborn in tow tries to rescue her father, Captain George Stacy, from the clutches of The Crime-Master and his partner, The Green Goblin. This series really shows us a Gwen Stacy that we’ve never seen before so it’s glorious! Gage does a fantastic job of fleshing Gwen out as a character full of spunk and courage and you can’t help but falling love with her and Todd Nauck’s art- WONDERFUL!! (I absolutely love the original X-Men taking on The Green Goblin) Nauck never disappoints and I really wish Marvel would give him more work to really display his interiors instead of doing variant covers. Gwen’s limited series is truly an amazing gateway to exploring her high school days but it also proves that you can get a Gwen Stacy story without the standard Spider-Man appearance. Another sensational entry for the Spider-Man mythos.

Venom: Lethal Protector # 5– This series really pull out the big guns as Venom comes face-to-face with Justin Hammer and his team of villains. Every page is a wide free-for-all that will really give you an adrenaline rush because of how epic the action sequences are. David Michelinie really delivered a Venom story from his past that made some people miss his days as a Lethal Protector to perfection and at the same time, reminds us of his popularity back in the 1990s. It would be a wonderful thing if we got Venom: Lethal Protector # 6, but only time will tell.

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