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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1044
Avengers # 57
Batman Beyond The White Knight # 4
Captain America: Symbol Of Truth # 2
Detective Comics # 1061
Redman # 1
She-Hulk # 4
Thor: Lightning & Lament # 1
Venom: Lethal Protector # 3

Captain America: Symbol Of Truth # 2– Sam Wilson gets some help from Deadpool as the two of the track down a robbery with ties to The Super Soldier Serum. The only problem? – The two of them are in Latveria! Right away, the banter and personalities just flow with ease as it looks like Cap isn’t as annoyed with Deadpool as most heroes in the Marvel Universe are whenever someone encounters him; The one bad thing I would have to say about this issue is how Tochi Onyebuchi made the weird decision to restrain Deadpool as most of his wisecracks felt like the character itself was on cruise control and for the most part, it just went flat. The action sequences were amazing but Onyebuchi should go back, read some Deadpool issues (Preferably The Joe Kelly run), and remind the readers why The Merc With a Mouth has such a large fanbase, let alone stand tall with whoever he’s teamed up with.

Redman # 1– “OH MY GOD!!! REDMAN’S GOT HIS OWN COMIC BOOK! ….The guy who’s giving us so many classic records, who embodies real Hip-Hop, has got timeless collaborations with Erick Sermon, AND Method Man is in a comic book!! WOOOWWWW!!! JUST WO…….oh wait. It’s about a Kaiju warrior fighting monsters!……. Okay, let’s go!”;
This is the actual thought that popped in my head when I heard about this series as it focuses on Redman, The Kaiju Hunter trapped in a world full of monsters all while a sinister force is watching behind the scenes. Reading this issue, the action is fierce yet loud so it doesn’t need to use any caption boxes or heavy dialogue to enhance the story because the fighting itself does a remarkable job of doing just that. I have to give huge kudos to Matt Frank for delivering a series that brings the excitement level to new heights and is a great companion piece for any Ultraman fans out there. If you want, read this issue while listening to Redman or MF Doom. It’s quite the experience.

Thor: Lighting & Lament # 1– Ralph Macchio, one of Marvel’s most prolific editors from the 1980s and 1990s, team up with Todd Nauck for a Thor story set in the God of Thunder’s past and since “Love and Thunder” is coming out soon, it looks like Marvel is giving everyone out there their Thor fix. The action on displaying in this special will be reminiscent of the Walt Simonson run and I feel like Macchio did a great job in his writing as he makes this special feel like a lost episode of “Masters Of The Universe” (The Filmation series from the 1980s) which is definitely not a bad thing because Macchio’s creativity lets loose here and that’s so cool. Todd Nauck can do no wrong whatsoever in the art department thanks in part to his clean and crisp style that pops on every page and yes, I feel like Nauck should get more interior assignments from Marvel because his art is just EXCELLENT!!; Lighting & Lament is a true breath of fresh air for the casual fans who want excitement and thrills in a Thor story that feels like it should be accompanied by a soundtrack full of hair bands from the 80s. Longtime Thor fans will enjoy this.

Venom: Lethal Protector # 3– David Michelinie continues to dig deep into Venom’s early days as an anti-hero but while I felt like this issue was just a done in one before something big comes along, it still served its purpose when it comes to being a good Venom Story, I mean Michelinie even threw in Chance for good measure seeing as how both of those characters never mixed it up for his ASM run so that’s a tremendous bright spot. I also like how Venom found out something not so good about his ex-wife’s fiance and found a way to cure the symbiote’s fear of sonics. Venom’s early days of finding a way to balance being an anti-hero while lusting for revenge against Spider-Man takes the readers back to a simpler time when Venom’s popularity was at an all-time high but it wouldn’t be a horrible thing if Lethal Protector got extended for a few more issues seeing how perfect it is.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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