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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 4
Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines # 6
Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong # 1
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 4
Black Adam # 1
Dark Crisis: Young Justice # 1
DUO # 2
The Flash # 783
Maestro: World War M # 4
Moon Knight # 12
New Fantastic Four # 1
Nocterra # 11
The Silver Coin # 11
Silver Surfer Rebirth # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 4 – I have to say, the action in this issue pretty much made this story as Spidey fight his way through numerous thugs to end the Tombstone/Rose war and this may be one of the best issues of ASM since its relaunch; Zeb Wells just goes all out with the action sequences and the “never give up” perspective that grounds Spidey. For the most part, John Romita Jr.’s artwork seems decent enough but as always, he’ll never recapture the glory of the early days of his career. A solid issue that brings the chaos to a boil so that the conclusion of this arc will be satisfying. Not bad at all!

Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong # 1– Aquaman and The Flash! Two heroes you would never see team up together but it works with no flaws whatsoever. A terrible alien force gets ahold of every hero and citizen on earth to drain the lifeforce out of them and leave them in a husk, but because the Flash was in the Speed Force and Aquaman was in Atlantis, there find themselves the only two heroes that have to stop this horrific event from continuing; Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing continue to be a creative force when it comes to crafting stories that bring out the ‘WOW’ factor in the audience and with it reminds me of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in “The Other Guys” (Wonder if this makes Aquaman ‘Gator’) only with superheroes. Voidsong is a wonderful superhero story that ramps up the intensity of the plot without making it look ridiculous and brings together something that will be remembered.

Black Adam # 1– Yes, DC and Warner Bros are gearing up for the movie (Dwayne Johnson’s passion project) so it’s only natural for them to roll out a new series starring DC’s favorite anti-hero; Right off the bat, the series gets hits with a massive storyline where Teth-Adam is infected with a plague that’s destroying his immortality and forces his to choose a successor worthy of his mantle and will defend his homeland of Kahndaq; Does it suck that DC wants to kill off Teth-Adam? YES!! and I wish that they would just let the creative team they put together tell a timeless Black Adam story that will get non-Shazam fans or DC fans for that matter hyped for the movie……seems that’s not happening. Priest and Rafa Sandoval do a good job of working with the mandate that was handed down to them (Another example of some power-hungry DC editors wanting to “shake things up” for sales) I’m hoping that the whole “Black Adam being slowly killed by a virus” bit will either get better as the series progresses or change course and give Teth-Adam the respect he truly deserves. But with DC nowadays, you’ll never know…….and that’s heartbreaking.

New Fantastic Four # 1– Wolverine! Spider-Man! Ghost Rider! and The Hulk!- together, these four heroes with such distinctive personalities came together for the first time back in Fantastic Four # 347-349 (I remember picking these issues up when I was a kid) and they would reunite any now and then so this series takes place shortly after the events of #’s 347-349; When a local priest notices a horde of demons infesting the streets of Las Vegas, it brings the four of them together and this was a really fun read. Peter David is known for writing stories that respect continuity but here, he gets to put his twist which comes off as delightful, Alan Robinson’s art is just phenomenal as it has a quirky Arthur Adams feel to it. This is a book I highly recommend.

The Silver Coin # 11– Michael Walsh is joined by James Tynion IV (of “Batman” and “Something Is Killing The Children” fame) to tell a story of a local diner who, after facing competition from a local fast-food restaurant opens up next to them, one of the waitresses finds the actual coin in a tip and wishes that the diner was packed with customers. The next day the diner is filled up but it is a huge case of “Be careful what you wish for” as the customers can’t get enough of the food to the point where the diner runs out of it and soon……human flesh gets put on the menu, so to speak! Tynion knows what goes into writing a horror story and he does it with grace and style without letting the gore and bloodshed take over. What I liked about this issue is how Tynion let the story build-up to its gory ending (**NO SPOILERS**) and when he succeeds in doing so, the payoff is much more exciting to read. This issue of The Silver Coin is another great hit, especially this story as I wish we would get a sequel to it.

Well, that’s it for me this week, Thanks for sticking around, and will see you all next time.

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