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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man # 5
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty # 1
Do A Powerbomb! # 1
Fantastic Four # 14
I Am Batman # 10
Jurassic League # 2
Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood # 2
Radiant Black # 15
Savage Spider-Man # 4
Undiscovered Country: Destiny Man (One-Shot)
What If… Miles Morales # 4

Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty # 1– CAP’S BACK in a new ongoing series that takes the beloved icon back to his roots that will no doubt is a great welcome to anyone who got scared away from the previous volume; Seeing Steve Rogers move into a modest apartment in Manhattan’s lower east side and making friends with his neighbors really brought back the “Everyman” aspect of the character that was sorely missed so I enjoyed witnessing that within these pages, but I can’t forget the action sequences- TOP NOTCH!! Cap and The Winter Soldier side-by-side is excellent but it also made me miss Nomad (C’mon, Jack Monroe is the absolute best!!); Sentinel Of Liberty, helmed by the well-known writing team of Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and artist Carmen Carnero succeeds in erasing everything about the Ta-Nehisi Coates run and forging a brilliant era for Cap that takes the influence of the timeless J.M DeMatteis/Mike Zeck run and modernize it to significant effect. Now is a PERFECT time to be a Captain America fan.

Do A Powerbomb! # 1– Daniel Warren Johnson, the critically-acclaimed creator of “Murder Falcon” (One of the most incredible series in the 2010s) and “Wonder Woman: Dead Earth” returns with a new series that takes the essence of “Murder Falcon” and mashes it together with professional wrestling; The story kicks off with Yua Steelrose, a world champion who’s defining the title against her opponent named Cobrasun but a freak accident in the ring has Yua losing her life so many years pass Yua’s daughter, Lona Steelrose finds her calling by picking up where her mother left off while escaping her shadow but then things go left so to speak as a wrestling-loving necromancer approaches Lona with the opportunity to join a pro-wrestling tournament that could be potentially dangerous; Johnson once again brings his A-Game for this series and it’s a beautiful thing that he did; Taking the supernatural and pro-wrestling then turning it into a story could be spell disaster for anyone trying to do that but Johnson does it with ease and at the same time, making it fun and pleasant. I recommend this for anyone who’s a passionate wrestling fan that yearns for such vivid storytelling in a match; It’s also quite astonishing that a comic book creator can deliver a great pro-wrestling story where WWE or AEW can’t, I guess they should take notes.

Jurassic League # 2– Two issues in and the concept of The Justice League in prehistoric times is just well done, and might I add that this was co-written by Daniel Warren Johnson with Juan Geddon sharing the scripting duties along with the artwork while frequent Johnson collaborator Mike Spicer makes Geddon’s art look alive with his colors. While some may think this is absolutely goofy, I think it’s amazing due to the fact that the concept itself owns up to its weirdness and at the same time, pays homage to the DC Universe in the most quirkiness way ever. Jurassic League is one of the most innovative titles to come out of DC and with a stellar creative team, one can only hope that the other creative teams that DC has employed can deliver such brilliance as this series.

What If…Miles Morales # 4– Another alternate tale where instead of embracing the mantle of Spider-Man, Miles Morales becomes the God of Thunder, and it makes for a really great story. Everything that you love about Thor is mixed in with the world of Miles and his personality traits that give the story life and makes it fun and exciting to the point where you’ll look at both Miles Morales and Thor in a new light. Most of the Miles Morales-driven “What If…” issues are hit and miss but this one is by far the best one to date because of how the story takes risks in its handling of Miles as Thor and achieves major success by doing so which makes this a glorified hit.

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