I Comic Con’t Believe It, I’m In San Diego! SDCC Day 1

I admit, I’m not great at coming up with titles.

BUT I will not apologize for my enthusiasm, because it’s a beautiful Thursday and I’m at my first ever San Diego Comic Con.

( Okay, so I was at Special Edition last year, but that was different)

I’m so lucky to be here and on my third panel, courtesy of my bestie Tim Chizmar (TMI with Tim).

I’ve been to many a con now, but this time is different. I’ve got more cosplay, I’ve got guests, I’ve got goals, and I’m going to write about it!

(Also this time I have business cards and they look sick)

As usual, I’ve got my Taako cosplay (from the McElroy’s podcast The Adventure Zone), and now I’m armed with two more outfits – Mothman and Sonic the Hedgehog. Weird combo, I know. I bought wigs for this. Count on pictures over the next few days.

This con I also got lucky and was able to get passes for my brother (who I haven’t seen in a while) and his girlfriend (who I’ve never met). Thanks again, Tim! This is going to be their first ever con and they are ready to bring their cosplay game.

(They aren’t going to be at my panel, I might not be able to forgive them for that)

((I’m going to make them my personal photographers to make up for it))

And my goals! There’s a few specific things I’m looking to score here that I haven’t been able to find in the past.

Here’s what I’m hunting for:

– A Star Wars Black Series General Hux figure (my favorite Star Wars character)

– Max Rebo in any form (another great Star Wars character from episode 6)

– A D&D Bag of Holding (even though I definitely don’t need more bags)

– A sick mask (I can’t find my favorite one)

– Some lightsabers (for their handles, I’m using them to make a bouquet for my upcoming wedding) ((yes I’m getting married and I’ve never met my fiance, it’s a long story I’ll tell later))

– Pretty much anything Star Wars that I can get my grubby little hands on


And most importantly, the panel! 7 o’clock tonight (Thursday) I’m on the brand new panel Making Magic: From Script to Screen in 2022 with my good friend Dillion Dilligaf, moderated by the lovely Tim Chizmar. I’m using my past experience as a script supervisor and editor to hopefully say something intelligent. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s nearly 2 o’clock and all I’ve done so far is stand in a bunch of lines (oh and I went to Rik Offerman’s panel about news coverage and passed out business cards) We’re halfway through day 1 of 4 and I’m excited to write more! More updates coming tomorrow, come check in with me on Conversations With The Void. It’ll be a good time.

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