I Am the Remaster of My Fate … Auric #0 Remastered Edition

In the last review I did, I mentioned how awesome it is to get a little pick-me-up in the mail. That week I got two, the latest issue of Big Nick and the other book was Auric of the Great White North #0 Remastered Edition. I’ve talked about Auric before and the creators, all members of the Canadian Comic Book Alliance, have become pretty awesome friends and pen pals. That being said, however, Auric stands on its own. What a consistently fun and entertaining comic book. Harkens back to when comics were light yet entertaining. Full of adventure and action but without all the drama and politics.

Auric #0 Remastered Cover
Auric #0 Remastered Cover

Auric of the Great White North #0 Remastered Edition is the fifth printing of the book that started Auric down this path of adventure. But for the fifth printing, artist Andrew Thomas and writer Davis Dewsbury decided to do more than just reprint additional copies with a new cover. In what I think is a fantastic concept, Andrew redrew the entire comic. Every page and panel is new. Since the title first came out Andrew felt that his art style has improved, his linework matured and giving Auric #0 a fresh coat of paint was a fun exercise in seeing just how far Andrew’s art has progressed. Brilliant.

Auric’s origin starts back in 1912, in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada where a mysterious gas was unleashed from within a deep gold mine. All the miners inside the ominous shaft are affected as well as the countless townsfolk as this gas escaped to the northern air, changing the course of history forever. This gas seems to transform those that are susceptible to strange, unusual and dangerous mythical beasts. Being issue #0 this is a fantastic way to get introduced into Auric’s world.

Auric #0 Remastered Interior Page
Auric #0 Remastered Interior Page

If you like fun and quirky comics, then this is a book you will enjoy. Davis Dewsbury’s script features some great humour and sight gags staying light and adventurous. Andrew Thomas’ maturing art style is equally light with an enjoyable cartoon / comic strip style and bright, solid colours by the wonderful Sharon Gauthier just push the book even further.

Auric #0 made its debut at the recent Tillsonburg Fair Comic-Con but those that didn’t attend can get a copy by mail at http://www.greatnorthcomics.com or at one of the many signings and appearances the creators make at local comic shops and local conventions. In addition to the regular cover there are limited and exclusive variants from the likes of Loc Nguyen and Dan Day. And, if you are a digital comic reader, Great North Comics recently published Auric of the Great White North: The Story So Far, a digital compilation that includes Auric Of The Great White North #0 (The New Remastered Edition) through #4, the Norlan One-Shot Special, and a bunch of the Mini issues from the Northern Ontario Expo. All that for a paltry $10CAN.

Issue: Auric #0 Remastered Edition | Publisher: Great North Comics
Writers: Davis Dewsbury | Artist: Andrew Thomas & Sharon Gauthier
Price: $2.99


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