Humanoids to Publish Writer Tim Seeley and Artist Ilias Kyriazis’ CHRONOPHAGE

An All-New, Time-Bending Original Graphic Novel

Featuring an Introduction from Bestselling Writer Tom King

(January 25, 2022) How much of your past would you be willing to give up for a chance at a new future? This February, Humanoids will publish CHRONOPHAGE, an inventive and time-bending original graphic novel from Tim Seeley, the acclaimed writer of Hack/Slash, Revival, and Money Shot, and Collapser artist Ilias Kyriazis. In this riveting sci-fi graphic novel, a single mother becomes involved with a mysterious man who literally consumes past moments of her life, changing her history and forcing her to decide what should—or shouldn’t—be undone. The all-new graphic novel features an introduction from Tom King.

When Chloe begins a passionate relationship with a traveling businessman, her life suddenly changes for the better—and not just because she’s getting laid. Lost friends return, and new opportunities suddenly appear. Soon, though, she begins experiencing horrific encounters with ghostly beings, eventually revealed to be the echoes of moments she has now no longer lived. Her new lover, Heath, stands revealed as a chronophage, a terrifying alien being who subsists on days literally stolen from Chloe’s personal history. Can Chloe recapture her lost moments, or is the life she once knew—including the daughter she had at sixteen years old—gone forever?

“Humanoids has let us tell a contained horror romance here… a high concept, terrifying tale about relationships and the time we put into them,” said Seely. “No matter how long a life can seem, the moments we share with the people we love are finite and can usually be counted in hours. That scares me more than just about anything else. Ilias brings a real humanity to this story, and I think you’re going to fall in love with both our leads, even if one of them isn’t what they say they are.”

“We worked so well with Tim on The Crow: Lethe that we just knew we had to collaborate again,” said Kyriazis. “Chronophage proved to be just the right project. Being all about time, it allowed me to experiment with layouts and rhythm to use techniques that’d only work on a graphic novel.”

“Chronophage by Tim and the brilliant Ilias Kyriazis is about time and how we spend it, the moments of regret, the moments of waste, the moments where we know exactly what might have been and we try like hell to forget what now has to be,” said Tom King, writer of Mr. Miracle and The Vision, in his introduction.

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