December 21, 2021 – New York, NY – SIGMA COMICS, LLC, a comic book publisher dedicated to fighting animal abuse, today announced the availability of the fourth issue of their flagship title, Here Comes CALICO. Issue #4 will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter, from Dec 28 – Jan 28. With premium perks starting at only $5, campaign backers will get early access to Issue #4, along with a multitude of exclusive perks, including signed comic books, posters, caps, shirts and stickers. The much-anticipated fourth issue will be available for sale in early February 2022, at and select comic book stores, with a retail price of $2.99 USD.

In Issue #4 The CALICO finally confronts his first supervillian. Up until now in the series, The CALICO has only confronted civilians that have been found to torture and kill animals. The revolutionary comic book series, which received early guidance from legendary comic book artist, Klaus Jansen, has received rave reviews from comic book experts and pros alike. “This is not Batman. It’s groundbreaking for comic books,” said industry-veteran Wild Bill of Youtube channel Comic Book Geezers. “The whole scenario is something that’s never been addressed before, that I’m aware of. I’ve never seen anything like this in comics, so I think this is pretty cool.”

The highly controversial series, featuring CALICO, New York City’s newest anti-hero, has garnered worldwide support for its bold stance against animal abuse. The series has also attracted the attention and support of world renowned comic book creator Chuck Dixon, who’s legendary Batman and Punisher runs, for DC Comics and Marvel Comics respectively, are widely regarded as some of the very best. After coming across the Kickstarter campaign for Here Comes CALICO #2, Dixon recommended the campaign to his social media audience, an act that led to the campaign achieving its funding goal.

Set in the rough outer boroughs of New York City, Here Comes CALICO follows Hector Gil, a former boxer from The Bronx with a huge chip on his shoulder, created by life regrets. He decides to enter a prestigious boxing tournament, and as he trains, his new Brooklyn neighbors are unaware of the double-life he leads. On choice evenings, Hector Gil becomes the CALICO, to pay unfriendly visits to people who abuse and kill animals. He is supported by a varied network of technically savvy and resourceful data professionals, all bent on making sure CALICO completes his missions without a hitch.

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